Name: Sef, birth name Amon
Age: almost 18
Birthday: June 13
Race: human
Abilities: healing, dark energy, control of darkness/shadows, mind reading, speed
Sexuality: gay
Net worth: 590 billion
Personality: He is very girly and complains about it a lot. He is quiet and emotional though he has spent a lot of his life in silence. He is loyal to those who show him kinds and love.


Sef was born in Egypt. He was abandoned as a child, known vampires in the area taking him into their care, before the age of 2. They raised him as they would if they could have had any more children. The family he was living with was killed by local vampire hunters when he was 6. He inherited all of the money from the clad of vampires. His vampire family owned a small oil company that was very profitable and still is running. Sef being the only benefactor gets most of the money on his 18th birthday, his brother having shares only being worth 4.3 billion.

This family also never wanted him to be one of them, to stay human till the day his heart gave out. They gave him the ability to do tricks that a vampire could {mindreading, speed etc} but every time he used it he would have a short heart attack. These tricks caused damage to his heart after amount of time he will die from heart failure.

After their death he was a shell shocked having to watch the crime. Max the only one that lived, having not been home, always -and still does- having crush on him. He took advantage of Sef's state and took him, he was Sef's first and rapped him every night to keep him with him. Sef never fought back, he was in no state and because he knew he liked it. Sef was silent for the years he was with Max his voice being the only thing he could control, only making noise when Max took him knowing it would keep him with his brother and not with someone crueler.

Max took Sef to a poison’s master Russel to help Sef speak again, the lack of conversation with his baby brother having become too much for him to ignore. Soon Sef spoke to Russel and soon Russel found out about Sef’s home life and what his brother truly was like. Promising to protect and take Sef away from his pain, so far staying true to this promise.

Sef is now in Egypt again with Russel being almost old enough to take on the company. He's going to college there however Max plans to stop this from happening knowing that if Sef is enslaved again he won't be legally allowed to inherit the money. It would go to his master. Max wants nothing more than to keep Sef chained in his whore house but now hunters like Justin have come to protect Sef from his brothers plotting.

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