Its nights like these where I feel a bit lonely.
Its completely quiet.
Everyone is off doing their own thing, even you.
And I just sit here, bored of out my mind.

Tonight I feel so sour though.
Conversations are lacking.
With you, with her, with everyone.

I got my scholarship to go abroad, but of course it just makes you sad.
And I feel like you've been slightly avoiding me because of it.
Maybe you're still a little upset.
I don't know..
I wish you'd be a little more excited even though you shouldn't be since we won't be able to talk for three ish weeks.

But you know I said I'd go out of my way to mail you and message you.
And you still don't seem satisfied so I don't know how to make you happy.

I cleaned my room and found all my old letters to people and such.
Thinking of the past makes me a little unhappy.
I like where we are now and I don't really like thinking about the past and how topsy turvy we were.

But BRITTNEY UGH WTF. I think she just doesn't think sometimes. Yeah you can think about being friends with benefits with someone but you think about that BEFORE YOU f*ck THEM. AHH WTF YOU BARELY KNEW HIM SDFASFAS.
god you totally skipped even having blow jobs or anything and went straight to sex! What the hell!

And kait! I love you! But ugh Luis? Really? I know you love him, but are you honestly happy with how he treats you? Are you okay to deal with that and put up with that for the rest of your life? Having someone so uncommitted and someone so..unfaithful? Once a cheater always one. In my opinion. But I guess if you're okay with all this than go ahead. It just makes me really sad because I know he's going to constantly hurt you and you're going to end up with a lot of heartache..

Am I just old school?
Like what the hell is wrong with being with someone you love and not having a f*ck buddy that you've known for a month at most?
I can't say anything I guess since I've made mistakes in the past.
I don't know it just upsets me that Brittney's gone and done that and Kait's stuck with sh*t dick.