okay, so our cat Loki (well, hes not really our cat. hes just some random cat that magically appeared on our porch one day….you could say he was adopted. o-o) some how found his way into our house today. all the doors and windows where closed and locked and mom was the last out of the house and she swears that he was outside when she left. no one could have broken into our house either cause we would know because we have a smart house. padlocks, cameras, ext. and there where no signs of anyone breaking in so we dont know how in the world he got inside. we got home late today to find Loki on top of a video cabinet cowering in the corner crying out. it wasnt until late when i found our pet snake, Erwin, by a vent next to the video cabinet. when Loki got inside, out of curiosity, he must have jumped on to the screen cover of Erwin’s cage and it collapsed under his weight, thus giving Erwin a chance to escape. once he got out he must have saw Loki as food (he was really hungry) and probably snapped at him and freaked him out so he ran to the cabinet, climbed the curtains, and hid in the corner until we got home. the poor baby was scarred to death! hes okay now and so is Erwin. but we still dont know how in the world he got into the house! D8