So many people keep complimenting me on the Pierrot avatar. Maybe I should enter it in the area? whee

I received appreciative PMs and quotes when I first made it, back in March or so, but the second round of wearing it just in this past couple of days has gotten roughly a nice comment every six hours. It's crazy. heart

Even after all this time, the Pierrot image still connects with people. A mysterious, expressionless clown in baggy white clothing looking at a distant moon. It may not be the most enduring image to come out of the Commedia dell'Arte, but you'd be hard-pressed to find it any stiff competition.
And people here on Gaia who may not know the mythology or history of it think it's so cute- it's amazing- it's adorable- it's well put together- they'd like a doll of it (I held my face in my hands saying it exists over and over again because Pierrot of course there are dolls dear child!).

I wonder what made this work. I really do. I wonder why this interpretation works so well and makes people notice and enjoy and speak out on it. Is this avatar well put-together? Is it the spacial balance, the items chosen, the minor background and full foreground, or the accents of warm tones and black on a snowy lunar white? Is it the unreadable, haunting expression of the Pierrot?

How come when I try to make Harlequin, it turns out so badly in comparison? Is Pierrot easier to pin down visually, or just more accessible to total strangers?

And, most importantly: should I write a rondel series about Gaia Avatars (no)?

Someday I'll get screenshots of all of the comments I've been given. It's quite heartwarming... and fascinating, from the academic perspective. What would Giraud say? Gautier? Kreuiter? Deburau?! How enduring is this pitiable, wan image, at the heart of things?