I thought I might as well write a new entry.

What can I say... I like being creative but I am really slow in the process because I like to have some inspiration. When I am inspired, it is when I am working at my best.

I go with this logic because it is the right way for me than what most others do. Like, having homework where you are in an animation class and you have to try and do an action scene, drawing a figure over and over and over again. I found myself unable to draw the exact same figure on every single page. I still can't animate a walking loop. Or when you have pressure to create something in a small amount of time. Yes, some can do it under pressure and such, but why stress out and find yourself making something that isn't the best you can do.

I can work under pressure, but I rather not. This year, I sewn my sister's regency era dress in about a day and stayed up through the night doing handsewing finishes. I was sloppy at the end, so I have to complete it when I have time. (lacking closure for wear. zipper? velcro? snaps? buttons? not decided yet) I did complete my neice's halloween costume. But I found out that the ribbon and tail came apart due to neice wooshing around in circles. At least it was a small casualty. ^^;;;;

So, I always been a creative person. Growing up, we had disney movie posters on our walls. I remember tracing over "The Little Mermaid" just so I can say I drew Ariel. But I was drawing on my own as a kid and on. I even went on this kick doing "fashion" drawing. I still have a drawing from 4th grade where I thought I was drawing my own little designs. xd

Around that same time, (4th grade) my parents bought me a bead jewelry kit. It was so cool and I enjoyed putting together, stringing beads together as a necklace. Making drop earrings. I had my own preferences on creating jewelry and well, I even gave up using the board that tells you how long a necklace would be, etc. Instead, I just do it, putting together what I think looks great, etc. And my senior year of high school, I sold some necklaces to help pay for college, which it did help pay a little for textbooks my first semester.

Back to drawing, there was a huge gap of no art class while in school. I did win a Habitat for Humanity contest, or well was a runner-up for my poster design. (6 grade. deer eating at a diner, idea was bounced around in class so i took it) I remember having art a little bit in 7th grade but after that, none. Then my junior year of high school, the art program was brought back and I have only half my junior year in it. I learned a lot from that teacher and yeah, I pretty much was teaching myself how to draw through the years. But, I still have artwork from that year like my Powerpuff Girls stocking which was probably the first thing I have ever hand sewn. I still have the drawing that was as the layout for it. I have an unfinished paper mache alien statue somewhere. But I also remember I was drawing a dragon in the after school program... I don't think I ever got to take it home so... it's probably thrown away somewhere. ^^;;;

Around this time too, we finally had Cartoon Network on our cable. So yeah, saw so many guys drawing DBZ or I with my random Sailormoon drawings. xd

My senior year of high school, it wasn't much of a class. Anyone can do whatever they want. And it seems I could have had stuff entered to some school competitions.

Oh and I was one of those types that would draw during class. I can't think of a time I didn't draw anything. Even did it in college too. xd

So in college, freshman year I did pre-art, drawing 1. I had an older friend get me in a drawing class the following year but it was drawing 300 course. >> Yeeeaaaahhhh... I learned a lot from that class. And the final was drawing on marble with pencil. Learning old world techniques and such, that was a great class. Also my time in college I took the drawing 200 course (didn't need to do it), a japanese calligraphy class (seems i had a knack for it), and last I had figure drawing.

I applied only once to the art program. I was declined. At the finals of figure drawing, I was asked if I was applying again and I said I wasn't. I was already in theatre/costume design. I was in this figure class with special permission. But, what the teacher said to me, I realized that really, yes, I have talent. I guess I should have reapplied for art but no need to worry about what didn't happen.

The first time I actually used a sewing machine was my third year of college. I took the sewing beginner class. It was a lot of work and I know I could never sew as fast as all the others in class. Even in the Intermediate class I took too. I spent entire workshop hours and later to get a sewing project completed, which would be due that week, etc. It was nuts. Learn to sew, then learning these techniques that are mostly found on high fashion brands, expected to have straight sewing lines, etc. Having that kind of discipline, on top of that having a fibers class where you end up knowing all the different textures of fabric just from a touch... yeah you end up being kinda... weird. xd

I really didn't know anything about sewing patterns until I took the sewing classes. The intermediate class introduced to me how you can alter a pattern to make something fit you completely. And pretty much, it helped me ever since.

Now, there was some other sewing classes offered but since I had some things happen in my life, I couldn't do them.

1. I went on a school trip with the college to New York City

That experience, completely opened my eyes. I was at the point, I don't know what to do. Being in that city, seeing actual design companies, the fashion district, being at a trade show, etc. It all made me realize that yeah, costume design really isn't what I want to do.

And well, the college did at one time have a fashion design program but the president of the college had the program moved to a different college, where it ended up dying anyway. I was a year and a half too late.

Seeing all the behind the scenes work in theatre, I appreciate how hard everyone works, but I realized it wasn't for me. You are limited with creativity because you have to think exactly like the director and his point of view. You aren't free to do what you want and with actors, they would be a pain because of that too. Having to please everyone except yourself.

2. Classes from the Home/Family department.

The sewing classes were offered from the Home and Family department at my college. Included was also the textiles class and a loom weaving class. I took what I could and I fell in love with the loom weaving class. Knowing now the basics of how fibers are brought together to make a piece of string and then moving up that ladder of process, creating fabric just from the simpliest to complex styles of weaving... I really loved weaving. You can make whatever you want, even designs within the fabric. As my final, I made a tencel scarf. The yarns are hand dyed and I used a baby wolf floor loom to create it. I love that scarf to death. I learned to knit my second year of college from friends that lived in the dorms with me. But, the woven scarf I love more than any scarf I have knitted.

So, I guess I am all around a crazy fiber and art lady. I consider myself an artist but I feel like I am more than that. Kinda weird thinking about it now.

Anyway, in 2007 I made a friend a kimono costume for Anime Expo. And by going to AX, I wondered what Copic markers are or even the fancy paper that people would buy at the convention. I had no clue what a tablet was except I used one a little bit for costume design class, though I played around with brushes a lot and no clue on what I was doing, even if I had instructions written down.

For my birthday a few years ago, I got the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch. I been only drawing on paper so drawing on the computer was a whole new experience for me. It is still new. I found a program I really like, where the lines look as my own if I was sketching on paper. And well, I never thought my skills on the computer would be getting better and better.

The lag monster design I created and became a runner-up... It was the first time in months that I picked up the tablet. A friend asked me if I was doing any practice drawing before then and well, I not drawn on the tablet since the St. Patrick's event.. (i think) I was though drawing some art on paper so... *shrug*

The whole process with lag monster, I kinda did a costume plate... I was inspired by the zOMG forum and what was happening in there. And then I thought about how as a character lag would be. A jerk you would want to punch in the face but can't really do so if he is the jokester he is. Maybe a dash of my own emotions thrown in as well.

I guess it is okay to put your own feelings and emotions into your creations right? It's not weird is it?

Anyway, I jump around on what I want to create. I made a Flynn Rider plush a year ago for a friend. I try to keep all my promises I make to anyone. And I had a semi-started Nicolae plush in May. I took a couple of months off from working on Nicolae so he wasn't completed until August. Then it came to me, Diedrich would be interesting as a plush. So in September, I made Diedrich. I think I spent maybe a week on him compared to the weeks upon weeks of Nicolae.

Flynn was the first plushie I created with use of pattern pieces. He was also the first I had to make my own patterns for. I was nervous with the whole thought of making patterns. I only had that background of knowing patterns from sewing and to put it on a smaller scale and having to measure and hope for the best, it is scary. Flynn came out fine.

Nicolae came out pretty nice. He shared some patterns with Flynn but I tweaked Nicu's more so there is a difference.

As for Diedrich, I want to tweak the head more. His ears are kinda wonky and well, I also have a bad habit of where I draw with pencil on the face and then do the stitch work on top. And, I decide last minute I want to change the look so pencil is still seen on the face. ^^;;;

So really, I don't have a ton of experience with plush design when I think about it. The first plushie I made was a dolphin for my cousin. I bought felt squares and put them all together. It was kinda a deformed dolphin but still looks like a dolphin. I went off pictures to create it. The second plushie I made was a character from One Piece for a friend. The guy that's blonde.. Sanji? She liked him but he was kinda crappier looking than the dolphin. And my third plushie I made was a weird Edward Cullen version. Felt again used and I did embroider the face even though I didn't know that was what I was doing.

So knowing that Diedrich is the 6th I have ever made, yeah I still don't think I am a huge expert. ^^;;;; It is actually pretty weird how things gotten me here. I never thought I would be interested in plush design, though I only knew a little of it and still only know little.

I mostly make stuff now for friends or based on what mood I'm in. I create because I want to. I wanted to give Gaia a plushie so I did it. I wanted to make a hawt lag monster because there needs to be more hawtness in the world. I wanted to. And all the other things I have made in my life, it was because I wanted to share my creativity and give something from the heart. I hope everyone that has ever gotten something from me appreciates it and yeah, even if someone says "your art sucks" don't let them get to you. Because if you are inspired and want to do it, then go for it.

So, what's next for me? I have some plushies in the works and other projects I am thinking of doing.

~Rarity plush (from defunct deviantart user, testing pattern then will tweak making own pattern)
~Lag Monster (possible maybe not chibi, make own pattern except head)
~Marshall (all you need to know. ;D )

Stuff I will probably work on and finish soon
~Knit scarf (green cotton scarf to wear for the season)
~Christmas jewelry (reusing old jewelry to make as new festive jewelry)
~ Other stuff (yet to decide on)

I kinda need to buy some new tablet pen nibs.. before I can jump into some of the contests here on Gaia... but I have to figure out what kind would be best first if you have a heavy hand... sweatdrop

Oh wow. Sorry long entry is long. @_@

You can see my work at:
my deviantart
etsy shop

If anyone is wanting a plush, I may offer Diedrichs.. well he and some special made ones. When I have the time to produce them. Right now, is no go so maybe when Christmas is over. ^^;;; And I guess free for all comments here if anyone wants.