wow. so hey, I'm back for a little entry.

at the station now, so that explains it haha.

in the midst of calm chaos. Because despite everything going on, I am still able to spend a few minutes to be thankful for not having more to do.

two presentations tomorrow, and a third on friday. in addition to a studio class tomorrow night, and a doc appt & band concert on friday.

grades aren't doing so hot. Got a C on my last journalism story, and a 59% on my econ test (mainly because the powerpoint slides weren't online, and it wasn't until we were sitting there ready for the test that I was informed we were emailed them once upon a month ago... *sigh*). and I have another journalism story due tomorrow that won't be done on time, because I'm not having the interview with the dude i need to until the freaking morning it's due.

found it hilarious on Tuesday I was able to sneak in a 15-minute nap in my day: was going through solid stuff from 9a until 8p.

this week can be over any time. seriously.

next week I foresee "parties" every night haha. Monday taking our tour photo already(!!!), Tuesday making gingerbread houses, wednesday pep band, thursday AND friday nights there are separate dances. (dunno about the thursday one... it's swing dancing, and 1940's clothes. and a bajillion kinds of cheesecake.....) friday and saturday also have juries.

and the week after that is finals, a wedding to go to for the End of the World (21st whoop), and then home for two weeks then jamaica! biggrin

so yeah. homework itself is almost done. just that stupid beat report and the presentations and the juries and finals and work.

and RH? not a big deal anymore.

everyone is sick. I have a sore throat, but that's about the extent of it.

almost done. just keep putting one foot in front of the other...