i know i have not been on in the last few days but its been hell saterday morning dec 1 we took my dog greatchen 2 the vet she was sick would not eat or drink was vomited on the floor and could not walk and if she was sitting up she was woble me and my mom had 2 carrier her out side 2gether 2 try 2 get her 2 pee monday nite mom took her 2 the vet and had her put down she was 13 and weied 90 pounds so i have been 2 depreesed 2 do much i know lame rite but i was home with her all day every day we had gotten her when she was 6 weeks old i still have jet my sheppered antd ollie and lulu my chuwawws and my 2 cats but is is so weired that she is gone on dec 3 1012 so 2day im more attched 2 jet