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Name: Penelope / Penny

Race/Species: Scottish Fold

Age: Varies between 9 and 11.

Appearance: Penny is a green eye'd, creme colored kitten with caramel and brown speckles on her ears and tail. Very, very petite, she can be played as an Anthro or Neko type character but never feral.

Personality: Penny is incredibly shy, easily spooked by loud noises, and predominantly very quiet. Though, once trust is gained, she's incredibly loyal to anyone who shows her love. She adores being petted and scratched behind the ears. Though don't pull too hard on her tail, it'll make her cry.

Role Play uses: She fits best with owners who want a loyal kitten. She fits well as a house keeper, a maid, or simply a pet. Violence isn't something she handles well, so she's best paired with gentler types.