yeah, I know, a video game snippet instead of one of the usual things this time, but I was playing the bonus route of Madoka Magica Portable, got to the part where Sayaka tells Kyousuke she's a magical girl, and couldn't stop laughing. So here, have a translation of that part up until it gets serious again.

also, imagine all of Kyousuke's lines in the most excited fanboy voice you can imagine and you will know why this was hilarious.

Sayaka tells Kyousuke she's a magical girl. The screen shakes. And then...

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Kyousuke: EHHHHH?
Sayaka: That's right, there's no way you wouldn't be surprised. I'll also understand if you don't believe me. But I...
Kyousuke: T-that's amazing! Sayaka, you're a magical girl! How? What happened?
Sayaka: W-what? Um, you... believe... me?"
Kyousuke: Of course, there's no way I wouldn't believe in you, Sayaka!! No matter what you told me I would believe!!
Kyousuke: Amazing!! It's wonderful!! My girlfriend is a magical girl!! It sounds so cool...
Kyousuke: Hey, what kind of magic can you use? What's your goal? Hey, Sayaka!!
Sayaka: W-wait, Kyousuke, calm down. Then, I'll transform, so...
Kyousuke: Transform!! You can transform too!? Amazing!!!
*insert transformation sequence*
Sayaka: It's a bit embarrassing...... b-but how is it?
Kyousuke: Better than I imagined!! It's perfect!! Sayaka, you're so cute!! You're beautiful!!
Sayaka: Ah, really... t-thanks.
Kyousuke: Hey, when you transform, what can you do?
Sayaka: Um, for now, our mission is that we have to defeat the evil Witches...
Kyousuke: Evil witches!! Then Sayaka is a magical girl of justice!
Sayaka: T-that's how it turned out... right.
Kyousuke: Then how did you become a magical girl? Were you recruited? Sayaka, are you from another world?
Sayaka: Not really...... you know, in exchange for having one wish granted, you become a magical girl who fights Witches.
Kyousuke: Wish? On top of having a wish granted, you become able to use magic... wow. Sayaka, what kind of wish did you have granted?
Sayaka: ...that's, do you really want to know?
Kyousuke: Yeah... should I not ask?

then the happy music stops and it gets srs again as Kyousuke realizes she wished for him. 8|</div>