I keep on writing these hoping that I mean something. That all these stupid little scenarios in my head will somehow come true.
But they won't, will they?
You don't care.
You're gone, truly and forever.
This is how it goes, I guess.
I'm left with my guilt and my mistakes while the others all move on happily.
You turned out to be just another Eric.
Another Kyle.
Another Alex.
I saw this coming, from the very start.
I wish I would have listened.
I wish I never loved you. I wish I never spent that summer with you.
I wish I had never met you.
Because you've hurt me worse than everyone else, combined.
You showed me what happiness was - true, sincere happiness - and then you took it away when I couldn't give you what you wanted.
I wish you had just stayed in your group and left me alone.
I hope you're happy.
Goodbye, AJ.