memory erase
cleaned off my face
my sin is great
but no longer i pace
no longer a waste
a bump in the road
no longer am i feeling
but this ground is cold
i can accept
but it wasnt easy
life wasnt breezy
and this is just cheesy
another little portal
an easy way out
a sin in the bible
but easy to come about
i now feel at ease
below everyones knees
under their tears
beneath their feet
i was foolish
i shouldve kept going
i should have tried to fight
and feel more worth knowing
but i am no longer going
no longer growing
no more to my series
no more chapters of boring
no longer is snoring
no more blood and goring
no longer will flesh
i was hurt, i was confused
i didnt know what to do
but tell me what would you?
i probably had a chance,had some alternatives
i could have stop these voices
this void ive turned in
i have entered the dark
tryingto find light
dumb and nieve
that is quite right
but even though ive got their attention
and know they'll probably care
I finally like that i am no longer
the one given the cold stare