Without discussion, Chris and I lean against each other to help one another up. Ada and Claire see us and follow with the same idea.
"Do you have anything that could cut this rope.?" I turn my head as I say it to pergect it to Chris, trying to block out the growing noise.
Ada looks at me,"I do, but we have to move now."
Her voice grows louder, and I see why. Turning back to my left, I can now see it. A chainsaw weilding zombie,"Chris, we have to destract it. This'll give Ada and Claire enough time to undo the ropes."
Chris nods, as do the others. They begin to walk as quickly as they can out of the way....Now what? How do we take this thing on tied to each other?
Chris turns,"Any ideas?"
"Not really....I'm open to suggestions."
Chris looks at me,"Maybe we should wait it out. You willing to take the chance?"
"Best plan we have right now."
So, we wait until he gets within 10 feet from us. He reaves his chainsaw and aims it for Chris. He swings to his left. I move with him, the two of us swiftly dodging the first attack. Now were some what sprinting to our side, almost falling multiple times. Seeing as though the chainsaw zombie walks slow, we have time to relax, then run more. Running sideways isn't as easy as one may think, and dodging trees is another task at hand. After continuous running, and tripping ovr one another, Ada and Claire come in. An arrow goes through the zombies head and he falls to the ground. The work of Ada, no doubt.
Chris and I stop, seeing the two come from my left.
They cut our ropes and Ada attaches the hidden blade back into her heel.
Claire,"We could've waited a few minutes. Seeing you two like that was great." She smiles.