Half of my dream was of my brother and I in a car. We were on that highway and trying to escape... something like my mother's rules or something. I have no idea.

The second dream I was in love with this man who was a lot like Saw. I loved him so much that I trusted him in his cruel game. He gave a group of us these masks that had slits near the throat like they were trapped to cut us in the jugular. The masks all had locks on them and while everyone else too theirs off, I kept mine on. We saw a clip in the dream of a possible future where someone died or perhaps it had been a demonstration. Nevertheless, I kept mine on. I wanted him to love me and keep me safe. I wanted to trust him.

But, he didn't save me.

We played his game. He tortured me. He came to me in the night and locked me in the mask. In another version he gave us keys and mine was the only one that didn't have any key to unlock it. In all of them, my passion burned to the end.