"Kids don't come from corpses"
I might as well be dead.

"No blood comes from a stone"
My blood comes to a head.

"A pictures worth a thousand words"
But I can draw for s**t.

"Smile when your happy,"
I just take another hit.

"The caged bird sings"
My voice just causes ears to sting.

"If you love something, then let it go"
I only know how to cling.
Plight means nothing,
if they cant see.
they plug there ears,
block out your pleas
Slowly your falling,
they wont catch you.
They stand there mocking.

I'm sorry i'm not perfect
Trust me,
I do try
I don't know what to do sometimes
I refuse to let myself cry.

Iv'e lived so long;
done somethings,
I wish I could forget.

There are quite a few decisions I made,
That left me with such regret.

Yet have you ever done something,
truly and deeply bad?
Something not even "god" can forgive?
Have you ever stolen the right to live?