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this will b pure random stuff, i doubt ill write in it much, but ull just hafta find that out 4 urself =P u nvr no... NVR!!!
actors and actresses
"Actors are liars!
Don't you ever forget that!"
girl: Mateine (MAY-tine), "Matey"
older girl: 22yrs. old, shaves off 3 years, "My soul spent two years wandering, wondering what personality I would don for the rest of my life," the other year she'll never speak of, --> 19yrs. old
*2 years older girl spent as an actor, wishes to forget that part of her life
*older girl dated a guy but he was an actor and lied to her and broke her heart, she warns Matey of meeting the same fate
*"What did I tell you yesterday?"
"Actors are liars."
...*smile* "Good girl."
*"So, what does he do?"
"...Did you ask him what he does?"
"And, what did he say?"
"...He's an actor."
*eyes widen* "What do I always tell you?"
"Actors are liars..."
*"Why do you want to talk to him? You don't like actors."
"I need to talk to this one so you don't get hurt."
*(to the guy) "Just...keep doing what you've been doing..." (still suspicious)
*older girl went out with a celebrity actor (when she was 16?), he was murdered by an ex-girlfriend, older girl was devasted and quit acting (contradicts the male actor older girl dated in previous bullet?)
*Mateine's parents were "taken away from her" when she was young, she was put in an orphanage and adopted by older girl (whose real age at the time was 18 )
*older girl was a neighbor of Mateine's, in an apartment complex?
*(older girl and guy are talking, at a table at a mall, Mateine is nearby)
"I am her guardian."
"So you're older than we think?"
"Yes. I shave off 3 years from my actual age. My soul spent two years wandering, wondering what personality I would don for the rest of my life. I'm really 22 years old."
("What about the other year?"
"I'll never speak of that year..." (kind of snarling))
"Does Matey know that?"
"She does. She tends to forget, but I've told her enough times that she can remember my actual age."
"So if someone asked her your age, what would she say?"
"And what would her second answer be?"
"Can she ever remember?"
"Yeah, she can. (turns towards crowd) Honey! [...] Hon'! [...] Ay, Matey, I be lookin' fer a lass a wee bit shorter 'an me and a lot bit cuter than you!"
(Matey finally notices and comes)
"Matey, how old am I?"
"Now, Matey, what's my actual age?"
"Oh, ummmm, twenty...two?"
"Good girl, you can go back now."
(Matey leaves)
*older girl's one year shaved off was when her older brother raped her (her 6 and her brother 13? brother: "I wanna try that." wink , he went to jail
*Mateine's parents were killed in action, they were taken to fight in or assist with a war and were killed? older girl cut out a newspaper article that included Mateine's parents deaths so Mateine wouldn't see, and older girl would show Mateine when she was older? Mateine saw that older girl cut out an article from the newspaper, and thought it had to do with older girl's late boyfriend (the celebrity) because previously older girl cut out an article announcing his death?
*If Mateine is 16 when older girl is 22, then Mateine is 12 when older girl is 18? but Mateine was still a child when older girl adopted her?
-Ā»TimelineĀ«-(?)(older girl's true ages)
-older girl 6yrs.- raped by brother
-older girl 16-18yrs.- actress, celebrity boyfriend killed
-older girl 18yrs., Mateine 8yrs.- Mateine's parents taken away, older girl adopts Mateine
-older girl 20yrs., Mateine 10yrs.- news of Mateine's parents, older girl cuts the article for Mateine to see later when she's older
-older girl 22yrs., Mateine 12yrs.- Mateine finds a guy she likes, but he's an actor, older girl is wary
*what happened with older girl's bad relationship? that was while older girl had Mateine, wasn't it?
*were older girl's parents also killed somehow? in a car accident?
*does older girl's name begin with a C? Carla?

took me about 30min to type all this down, this all popped into my head (except the "formal" timeline) while i was doing something an hour earlier lol, ive got work to be doing though,,, >.>
these poor girls have some dramatic lives haha, but i really like Mateine's name, that idea haha 'XD actually though i typed "MAY-tine," for the longest while while typing this i kept saying her name as "MAY-teen" in my head 'XD

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