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Gavyn the Mighty:
Thoughts on HoC, zOMG! and Gaia
Proposal: Change to Heralds and Heroes
This is just a quick write up, so I don't forget this idea...

I am proposing a change to the Herald and Hero system in HoC. Instead of having these as separate classes, I propose to combine them. Allow Heralds or Heroes to start the game... in effect removing the difference that says Heroes can't start (really the only difference I can see)

This would allow for far more deck builds as it essentially doubles the amount of heralds in each faction.

This change would come with two stipulations:
1]Any herald or hero (now all potentially heralds in this scenario) selected to be the starter, would cost 40 mana for refund purposes in case of death.
2]You would only be allowed to have one copy of the card in your deck. i.e. if I chose Gavyn as my herald, I could only have that copy of him, instead of 4. I could however have 4 Sir Corwin in if I chose as the extra 'heroes', or supplemental heralds that were not started with.

This would additionally cause the starter heralds to see a slight increase in cost to more match the heroes, while the highly overpriced heroes would have a slight decrease... i.e. they would all lay between 45-60 mana, instead of the 40- ~70 mana as they currently stand.

It would balance stuff out, give more deck build possibilities, give people to use more cards that they have even if they don't have heralds as they are currently outside of the starters.

This needs a lot more work, but at least I have it down for now...

It will likely be met with resistance, but I felt it was something that could at least be discussed and tweaked to maybe be something to consider before the game gets out of beta.

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Red Kutai
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Dec 28, 2012 @ 08:32pm

I never got around to commenting on this, and I really should have - unfortunately I'm terrible about getting to things in a timely manner. Apologies, for that. redface

More to the point: I agree wholeheartedly that Heroes and Heralds really ought to be the same thing, and that I should be capable of using any 'heroic' character in my possession as the foundation of my deck. The game is about Heralds, and Heroes that cannot serve as Heralds don't really add anything of note to it - I'm not even sure I understand how they concluded it might be a good idea in the first place. Perhaps it was so that they could design 'heroic' Units with effects that would be unfair or unfun when used for free on the first turn, but if that's the case I don't see why not just make them 'regular' Units. Nonetheless, I agree that the distinction is pretty worthless and rather inelegant.

That said, I don't see what your stipulations have to do with anything - neither of them seem fundamentally linked to the suggestion you're posing. For the first, the '40-mana rule' is arbitrary and unintuitive - there's no reason for a player to expect the rule to function as such apart from 'because it does'. Indeed, I'd be much more inclined to simply exempt Heralds from refunds altogether - it's not like you paid mana for them initially to 'refund'. I'd even go as far as to cover their Mana Cost while in play with a big, gold 'H', and simply make them immune to any effect that cares about their Mana Costs in the first place. Making them a little more unique certainly doesn't hurt.

As for the second... Why? Why is it important that I have only one copy of my Herald? Especially if I can have more than one copy of everything that's not my Herald. If this were a rule that every heroic character would be limited to one per deck, I'd be fine with that - it mechanically communicates the fact that they're a unique character. However, making that limitiation affect Heralds specifically just generates an uncomfortable tension, wherein if I really like Rakyl, I must choose between getting him as my Herald (which I obviously want) and playing 4 of him (which I also want). This is even more frustrating with Heralds that are actually good in multiples, because the game pushes me away from making my favourite Heroes my Herald - and that's just really awkward. Whatever restriction applies - and again, I think the restriction itself is perfectly justifiable - it really ought to apply equally to both Heralds and non-Herald heroes...

commentCommented on: Fri Dec 28, 2012 @ 09:11pm
Very fair comments.

The reasoning for the 40 mana cost, was so that a person using a Fafnir wouldn't get more than someone using a Corwin... your suggestion suits that far better... by removing the mana refund from the starting herald in general... I do like that idea much better.

With respect to the second... that was more to make it a bit 'even' so to speak. A lot of the other heroes [which would be heralds in this scenario] could have overwhelming specials and stats [granted, some of the current heralds already are quite powerful]... it was mainly to prevent someone from using an overwhelming unit right away, only to bring out another identical upon the first's defeat (via refund).

I'd be more than fine with 4 copies being allowed if heroes were considered heralds if the mana refund from the starting herald was completely dropped, instead of being switched to 40 or left unaltered.

Thank you for the comments on this.

Gavyn the Mighty
Community Member
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