a doll who emotions that has been played with, a doll that has been used to satisfy others needs, a doll, that never sees love, only hears evil laughs and hateful words only spoken to her, a doll that was once shiny and happy, is now broken and sad a doll on strings that is continued to be played with, a doll that is nothing more then a broken doll, a dead broken doll on strings nothing more then a puppet, never to be loved until someone fixes her. she is still waiting for that person to day
she awaits her puppeteer to save her, the one who will repair her heart
she awaits in the discarded corner broken and shattered missing parts, her face is cracked her dress torn and stained,one of her eyes is missing but what is missing that is more important is her heart you can see she has none from the heart shape hole in her chest.
she hopes and wishes for 9 years to be saved, until one day her new puppeteer found her and he chose her out of all the pretty new puppets. he showed her she wasn't broken and still desired, that even tho she had parts missing she was still beautiful, she feel in love with him,and he with her, he saw that she was like him in a way so she became his most treasured of dolls his most precious of things in his life