Last night I couldn't fall asleep at all, I am extremely tired, quite irritable too. You look at me wrong and I might bite your face off. That's how tired I am. Me and lack of sleep don't mix well, never have. Lately I haven't been able to really fall asleep though, I need to get into a school routine or I'll regret it. I've been having a lot of thoughts at possible outcomes of near Christmas, Oh and last night I got in trouble for something I didn't even do, lovely. The shower broke-ish and I didn't notice so I guess it's my fault even though like 3 other people use that shower and didn't notice either, I guess we need someone to blame though right? I've had a song stuck in my head all day today, Forbidden Hapiness, The one Luka Megurine sings. I like the song but it's.. not very happy xD Hmmm I guess that's about it, I'm still in school, lunch time, thirty minutes long, I guess I'm pretty lucky I could bypass that weird thing that says you can't go on a website and get on gaia. Meebo doesn't pop up on school computers though, which sucks. Oh the song that's been stuck in my head is down there v