Hello, just doing the usual check-in, and life is topsy-turvy... But I can hold on tight, just hope no one puts baby oil on my hands, it's a long drop...

Anywho, it's. Been. Too. Long. Since I've been here! ;w; And I need to be here more often, one of my good friends frequents this place, and I wish to bug him constantly grace him with my presence more often... He's a fabulous artist, and I think he'll like it if I promote his Gaia art shop. :3 More coin for my friend = more happiness I feel for doing a good thing!

So if he agrees, I'll put a link up, and I'd love for people who visit my profile to click it! And tell him I sent you, of course. ^_^

And I'm still up for any roleplays as Namine, and my current OC avi Corona (the lovely lady in purple with the golden pipe and piercing heterochromia eyes smirking at you.)

She's supposed to be the evil counterpart of another character I have, so therfore a villian, but... I think she's willing to change her ways momentarily for a good roleplay. I need to attempt to make my other OC here... just gotta find something she'd wear. ^^;

I do believe that's all, ne? I bid thee well, my fellow Gaians...

~Lady Keyrose