So I live in this duplex. And I've always wondered why people never live next door to us for long. I thought maybe it was because we were too loud. Because my family tends to yell at one another a lot. But these past couple of months, it's been vacant because no one could afford it. Well, my mom said she would hear children or like teenagers laughing and running around either early in the morning or late at night. And I was just "Wow, that's weird." Thinking my mother was just hearing things. But a couple of weeks before the new family moved in (which they moved in just a couple of days ago), while I was up doing dishes late in the evening, the kids were up and watching t.v., my brother and parents fast asleep, I could hear faint banging noises. I turned off the faucet and listened carefully, realizing that it was coming from next door. It sounded like someone was opening and closing the cabinet doors from the other side. So I thought maybe the owner was in there looking for something. So I looked outside but didn't see his van. I just shrugged it off and forgot about the whole thing.
Strange things happen in this apartment too. Sometimes I get freaked out about it, but other times I just try my best to ignore it.
This wasn't all in one night, it was spread throughout a week. When I woke up one morning, I saw that my phone's back was detached. I usually kept my phone right next to my head so I can hear the alarm go off. I put the back in, then realizing it was shut off, I turned it on. I thought maybe I did it in my sleep. A couple of mornings later, I woke up to see my whole phone taken apart. But this time, they were set in a straight line next to my head. I got mad, thinking my brother was pulling a prank on me, but when I went into his room, he was sleeping heavily. So I put back my phone and went on with my daily duties. About a month later, my sister and her kids stayed with us for a couple of nights. Early in the morning, my sister came in to ask for my phone charger, I was half asleep and could barely see anything. But I saw her plug in her phone and leave. When I woke up later that morning, I couldn't find my iPod. I looked all over the place I had plugged it in, which was right next to my bed. I then found it by my closet, which is across the room. I asked my sister if she ended up tossing my iPod out of the way or something. But she said no. She didn't even see my iPod. So I was just like Eh, that's weird.
I always hear weird noises too. It always happens when I'm all alone though. Like when I'm in the shower, I can hear my sister's kids crying. I always thought, "Did she somehow get inside?". I'd go check it out after washing up, but no one was in the house but me. When I'm upstairs, I can hear the sliding door opening and closing downstairs. Or the other doors' click when they shut. I'd grab a large knife, sneaking down the stairs, peep around the corner, but find no one. I checked all the rooms too. That use to be a daily routine. But lately, I've given up 'cause I know I lock every door downstairs. When I'm in the living room, about to fall asleep, there would always be footsteps creeping in the hallway. I'd lie there, waiting for my brother to try and scare me, but he'd never come. I'd sit up and look in the hallway, his door's shut and light off. So I'd go to sleep.
Only two times have I seen something. Once when I was asleep in my room. I woke up to this nightmare. I never get scared of them 'cause I'm use to the nightmares. But I looked in the corner of my room next to my door, and I saw this shadowy figure standing there. I thought it was the lighting, but I saw it tilt to the left. I was so scared, I refused to get up. So instead I turned around to face the wall and forced myself back to sleep. The other time was when I was on the phone with one of my friends. I don't know why, but I was looking up haunted places in Kansas downstairs in my basement. I glanced up at the t.v., a shadowy figure glided across the room. I can't remember if it came from my dad's room and towards the sliding door. Or vice-versa. But I was so creeped out, that I stopped talking for a bit. I didn't hear my mom coming down the stairs, but I jumped when she spoke. At the time her and I were fighting, so I didn't say anything. She would've thought I was trying to get attention again. After I got off the phone, I checked on my dad to see if he was okay, and he was, then went upstairs.
I don't know what brought this all up. Maybe 'cause I've been watching to many A Haunting's. But it's been bugging me. Most of these I've told, but some of them I was afraid my mom would get to dramatic and crap.