Role plays....
For those interested in role playing with me, I don't like simple short one liners it gives me nothing to work with, please tell me what you are interested in role playing. I consider myself a semi-literate role player, I'm usually not fussy about role playing just ask don't assume please. thanks. I have RPC pictures if you feel they are needed, I don't leave them here with descriptions because I use some of the same pictures for various role plays.
When messaging me, tell me what you have in mind for a role play, and if you want clean or dirty role playing. Don't come to me without an idea, I'm open to new ideas and willing to try something new so don't be shy. If you want dirty, I don't like to rush straight into it, I enjoy working the story before getting into that. If you have a craving please list it and I can see about fulfilling your craving.
Please please please, don't start a role play with me and then stop for no reason, it's super annoying to deal with. If I can't reply right away I usually tell you ahead of time, I am a college student and try to reply in a timely manner but I can't always reply right away, be respectful about it.
i do enjoy lolicon and incest role plays for those interested in them, I also do many other types, again I'm not picky but make it interesting, please! Also check back to see what I'm craving if I'm craving anything at all. Also don't expect me to do the starter every single time, I only do starters if I feel your interest in them, and if I have something in mind, so try not to give me something I have no choice but to start.
i don't like doing multiples unless the role play calls for it, other than that please don't ask. look forward to your ideas pm me &3
my turn ons click here
This is a list of things I enjoy with my role plays, don't add anything in from my maybe list and no list, I will not respond to it!

Currently craving a runaway princess role play~<3

For those interested in being a pet to me. I'm currently not taking any as I feel I lack the proper amount of time to give to my current pets, they need loving too. Don't message me about being a pet to me, I'm not going to take you if you pester me about it. Don't message me about being interested about it, you need to tell me why you want to be my pet and if you leave it with just 'i want to be dominated.' access denied, I will not accept you!