You see these movies

And read the books

About 'friends with benefits'

That end up falling in love

This totally romantic notion

And it holds no logic

Sure, a woman could fall in love

With the man that ******** her all the time

But men don't see sex the way we do

Which is why I felt so safe in this contract

I had taken a lover

Fully ready to detach myself emotionally

He had been a close friend

But I couldn't deny my attraction

And neither could he

I thought he understood

I thought he didn't care that much

At least he didn't seem to mind

When I couldn't even look him in the eye

So what the ********?

Did my lover lose his mind?

Why is he asking how I'm feeling

When my clothes are still on?

He's acting like a jealous mate

Whenever he sees other men hug me

He jumps up and walks away

Like it tears his heart out

I had no problem with this arrangement

It was fun

I felt powerful and desired

And my lover half-confesses his feelings

That he has more feelings than just lust for me

Why does that make my heart flutter?

I shrug it off

He can't mean it

Oh but those pretty compliments fall from his lips

And I feel like I can trust him

I hooked him?

I captured his heart?

Maybe my lover is high

But he keeps saying these things

Acting like my mate

And that's when I realize

Oh, my lover has lost it

He's fallen in love

We became the cliche

The lovers that fell in love

I'm such a cynical b***h

Most women could find this romantic


I find it ironic

I can only laugh at this joke

Perhaps it's only fair

That my love life be made into this

I shoulda been a lot smarter