I-Nikku-I: One of my friends that I like a lot at one point.

I-Nikku-I: One of my friends I have known for a while.

I-Nikku-I: Someone who I thought that cared and I could tell everything too.

I-Nikku-I: Someone who told me he loved me, or was it like?

I-Nikku-I, you were someone I cared for. You were someone who I told everything to. You are someone I truely care about... You were someone that I wanted to give a chance with but since you were gone for too long. I am sorry for everything I have done.

Now, that you want me out of your life...
I will stop talking to you.


Love, Charlene

P.S. If you really want me out of your life...
100% delete my number from your "gay a** iPod"
You phone if you still have it...
And YOU can delete me from Gaia..
Oh and your can stop assuming now..