as the title suggests, i'll be moving tomorrow, and i'm sure this new house will be amazing ! i'm looking forward to all the fun possibilities it might bring and all-what-not.

I'm also looking forward to the Wii U sometime soon. IT LOOKS SO FUN!!! D:

Today, i slept in until 11 A.M. and started packing immediately after my morning routine. after a while, i decided to give my dog Coco a bath. she was acting all silly afterwards and it was making me laugh. my birds, however, have been noisy as ever. i couldn't sleep anymore because they were messing around with the ladder and everything else in their cage as well. they also have been chirping and squawking nonstop, so i haven't been able to go a day without a headache.

at any rate, my entry's done for now, so bye bye! mrgreen