Topic is the title, and I know I just pissed off some high-horse grammEr Nazi just now.

The question is, of course, how many have actually sat and looked over both phrases, "I could care less." and "I couldn't care less." You see, all times you use an iteration of "I don't care" in your argument, it's still a fallacy. So, I'm going to show you exactly why "I couldn't care less" is still incorrect, so take that grammEr pedestal and shove it up their/your a**.

"I could care less. You see, my caring level is currently at 0%. If I were to delve into negative numbers, I would probably break a hole in existence, would have to hack your argument out of the forum, or hunt you down and kill you. I could care less, but I'll just keep it at the phrase, "I could care less", because I know that there's a whole different consequence for you if I tried to go less than the current number."

"I couldn't care less. You see, my caring level is currently at 100%. With how beautifully your response articulates the matter at hand, if I cared any less than the current number, I would have wholly disrespected your entire notion."