have you ever seen the world for the way it is? The way only certain people have seen it? Well I have and I am here to tell what I've seen and I....I-I h hope you listen to what my story has to say.

Life was some how dull before I had excitement in my life.I went places did things and kick a** along the way. Meeting so many people and friends, I was able to experience the world and have peace in my life it was bliss but now... it's become boring and plane I can't even remember which friend I've talk to last. No that's a lie it was not really my friend but my brother and the line was cut short and he was trying to tell me something but what?I never truly worried about things worrying just made it complicated to figure things out so setting it aside was my best option at the moment. Sighing I rested my head on my pillow and recall how my chat went with Brother.. the phone rang next to my head when I had the worst head ache in the world so i answered it snappy " What?!"...."Jeez some one is on their rag." He said " sorry i have the worst head ache in the world right now and the ******** phone was next to my ear when i was trying to nap. And make another comment about my period and i'll kick your a** to Canada you jack a**"I snapped once more and heard snickering from him and i started to laugh , as I recall it was a relief to laugh again I hadn't done so in awhile. " So brotato chip whats up?" I giggled " brotato chip? I don't even... how bored are you?" he asks some what seriously in a way that was funny too. " Trust me you don't even want to know I kind of regret quitting the agency but life here in crescent valley is cute simple and- "plane?" James finishes my sentence for me " yes!!!!" I exclaim," Jeez it's like people here count dust for fun!" there was a pause for a moment " look kiraka I need to ask you something." James said seriously and it frighten me to hear him that way " yes what is it?" " You need to- and that's when the line went dead. What could have made James wanted that made him sound so serous towards me. He was never that way only a big goof ball towards anyone he met. I yawned for a long time and check my clock to see the time "jeez 4 am time to sleep!" i yawned at exclaimed at the same time which didn't work out as i said . For a long time i sat there wake think of what brother was...saying...

Crash!!!! " what the" I snap awake it was 6 am barely, two hours of sle " lets find her she has to be in here some where." I heard from inside my kitchen two very familiar voices "oh jack deary are we doing the right thing turning her over? she has always been our friend why turn our backs on her?" she says...." Lucy 390 mil honey do you know what we could do with that? Buy a new house a kid proof house for our baby we can have a real family and no one likes kiraka any ways to much of a b***h." ouch! meany but then it dawned on me Jack? Lucy? my first partners in battle and the people who i saved their lives at the cost of my cat. Well they're not the brightest agents and i am cautious and wise enough to build a room hidden by one way mirror and put a self under it and decorated it to make it seen like an actual mirror also tiny camera's and heat sensors in every space of the house. " suckers, i'll be out before they know it" i whisper to myself and grabbing very few items but very special items, things each person i've ventured with that gave me something to remember