Ever fall asleep when automatic Windows updates restart your computer while you have an unfinished journal entry still up? Probably not, that's pretty specific.

But yeah, I was jotting down notes in another journal. Auto-restart. Got rid of all of them. I didn't really prepare for that. 'Point is, I wanted to actually restart Sync (not my damn computer. ._. )

I had the lore and even the intro written out, and it was awesome, but just wow... I'm pretty demoralized, what with all of my cool stuff having to be re-written all the time. This doesn't happen when I'm making music on FL Studio. But I've complained enough. Not really.


Good thing none of this is really official. Otherwise I'd be using Open Office or Microsoft Word like a good boy. But this is fun-time recreational journal stuff, not documents. Bleh to that, man...


The lore of Sync goes like this: COMPLICATED MOTHER ******** PHYSICS.

That last post had a lot of confusing-a** dialogue between Cruce and a character named Feenix, who, incidentally, has never been introduced.

But I was thinking, like, "Wait... Shouldn't Sync go back more of a ways? Shouldn't everything have a detailed background? Shouldn't I make things better?"

I mean holy hell, I re-read the first episodes of Sync in this same journal from like, what, five years ago? God DAMN, I vomited in my friggin' mouth. Multiple times.

F'in A, this is like stuff you'd see Peter Chimaera writing about. 'Cept not even -funny-. It's hideous. So I'm still kind of trying to redeem myself there... What better way to do it than to just re-up everything? So I really want to restart Sync. I liked where Sync 3 was going, but Mother of God, I can't keep track of all of these characters... Well, strike that. Here, I'll even do it for you. There. I did it... Uh, well so yeah. I REALLY liked the idea of Sync 3. Just a badass mega-crossover. But maybe... Maybe I tone it down a few notches or twenty.

It was inevitable I'd finish the world of Safa, then just leave Sync 3 for dead. That's how it always goes. Safa is the first world to be visited, after all, and that's the same for every story I write. Here, anyways. Sync 2 got far though. I think that one got up to Kenny's world.

Speaking of Kenny, this motivation to restart Sync entirely came from a recent drawing I did. It's got Kenny, Kutzu, and Safiri. The oldest versions of 'em too. 'S real cool. Amateurish, sure, but pretty neat. And that's what I wanna see in my head again. My old characters getting back it. I don't want to like... abandon s**t like this. It's good--it's -fun-.

So what I'm actually trying to get at here is that I'm... fffff... sorry. I'm sorry I keep bailing out of my stories, and yeah I know, it's not like this is the place to be writing stories. But I've probably made some people kind of frustrated. I see some views in there! They exist, believe it or not.

Sync's fluctuated. Sync has just... wowed where it has failed. And not just due to silly typos (which I'll always make, probably even in this journal enty [Yes that was on purpose {not really at first, goddammit.}]), but the crazy idea of writing something with the lack of a story. 'The hell is that? I want a story! I want background. And that's what I want to do... uh, restart with that. The storyline thing.

Will I pursue and persist? Maybe. Sync had about 100+ episodes, which... isn't really that much when you consider how long I've been thinking about it. (Too long).

But now I'm motivated to start over. It's gonna be my resolution for the new year. I felt it was appropriate, for obvious reasons... 2012... apocalypse thing--yeah, you get it.

I like putting spaces between each of my notes here. |3

Anyway, this new Sync's not going to start the same way. It's going to go back alllll the way. Everything about the main character is going to be different. It's a young fella named Christian--high school freshman and stuff. He lives in a town on the coast called Liberty Rock. His town's not going to get all jacked up right away. I'm actually going to introduce him and his friends.

Then I'll proceed to his challenges in life. Like, personal stuff and his moral opinions or whatever. Put some mundane conflicts in there. School problems, desire for a relationship, all that nonsense.

And before he can actually acquire solutions to anything, s**t'll hit the fan. Big time. I don't know how many people here keep up with my fanfiction.net stuff, but there's going to be a similar concept to a story called Wave: Endemic. I love the sci-fi idea of it. I want to use it in Sync, so I'll go for it.

Sooo uh... yeah... the big "event" that alters everything just kind of happens. Christian's going to have that moment of isolation where he meets some heavenly force. Something beyond what anyone could ever know; like a supernatural guidance. It comes with a nasty price though. This'll be where all of the tears are shed for quite some time.

Obviously, this run in with the cause of the supernatural disaster that ruined his home town and is proceeding to tear the world apart had some... side effects... Whatever happened to Christian shows itself in the form of strange powers. He treats it like some freak nightmare, not giving the powers much regard. He's mostly alone. All the while, stuff's still wrecking the planet. He moves inland, stopping to assist those in need along the way. He notices people becoming desperate as this crazy-a** disaster seemed to have affected more than Liberty Rock.

The disaster spreads. People start treating it like the apocalypse. They try to form leadership. Most of the time it ends up as a failure; groups of bandits taking over, hunting for food, shelter, and weapons. Christian finds that he's ending up fighting these bandits more often every day he travels. He saves more people with his magical powers. He's seen as two figures: the cause of the end of the world, or a superhero. It is for this reason that he decides hide his true identity, finding the gear to mask Christian away from the world. He doesn't really have anything to lose anymore, considering all he knew was lost. But he's scarred with that. He doesn't feel like "Christian" anymore.

He starts going by the name of N-R-G. It's pretty much an acquired title, as the bandits decide to call him that in conflict due to his ability to manipulate raw energy. Christian doesn't really wanna be mysterious, but he doesn't want to be known. He etches an "N" into his new apparel, so... yeah he begins to look more like a superhero. Kind of a dark one, but still... a superhero.

After some length of time of traveling aimlessly, he finds refuge in a town called Autumnridge, and... through that journey, he took note of his decaying "mortality", it seems. He doesn't get hungry often, doesn't need to sleep much, and doesn't even really get exhausted. He blames the freakish powers for that. But yeah, Autumnridge becomes the hub for everything. We'll start seeing some familiar characters, those of whom stay in the story for a long while, probably all the way through.

Cruce, Topher, Vince, Zatch, Danithan, Zack, Nic, Patricia, Emelina, Al, Brian, Drew, Derrick, Maria, Katalyn, Jovany, Zelda, etc... All of these guys and gals are from Wave: Endemic. The first two names might look a little surprising. But yeah, they're there. I won't go further than this right now.

For some reason I can't think of.

I guess I'm tired? Yeah that sounds good. Sleep time!

Anyway, this'll conclude... whatever this is... for now. I'll be back to do... whatever it is... I'm doing!

...I gotta get out of the habit of making everything I type bold font...