This is kind of a teaser entry.

There is no real content on here, but I will teach you my formatting ways~


If I give you a date as the subject, you'll know that was the dream I had the night before. Sometimes I will put a title beside the Dream Date so you can get a general idea of what it is about. Just a little note; not all of my dreams are happy-go-lucky. You may read some rather... questionable prose...


If the title is a pun of some sort, it pertains to the story within it. These will all be real-life stories. I will try not to over exaggerate (although it adds humor to the writing), and everything you read you can trust comes from my everyday life. This does mean, however, that there won't be a constant flow of stories worth telling. I will organize the stories to try to spread them out over time to cover for a boring day I may have. Because of this, you may find me talking about stuff that happened several days ago, but don't worry; the newest stories will always be a higher priority than ones that happened a while back.

I hope you can enjoy these entries as much as I do making them!