I have one hangup with the 'coexist' ideal. Each religion makes truth-claims about the world, humanity, and about specific people or events. Naturally not all of these can be true. What 'coexist' seems to promote is an illusion of tolerance that says, at the same time, 'I do not care if you believe in lies'. Consider if you will Jesus Christ. Islam and Judaism do not attribute him to be the son of God sent for the world's salvation while Christianity does. Both claims cannot be true. Now, I believe that these groups should be tolerant of each other and not blow up disbelievers, but to passively say 'coexist' or 'just let them be' only tells me that people are complacent with people believing in lies, or at least what they believe are lies. Logically, there can be only one truth, and if you really want people to coexist and be tolerant of each other, you would encourage people to set aside their feelings and opinions on matters and look for truth rather than say 'believe what you want and the heck with everything else'.