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•Ҭɵ Ҭҕϵ Ϣɵʀζʠ ɵϝ Јαηɨʟɤɴϵ•
Ҭhe Ғirst Ȝntry Woot Woot!
Herro der^^
Welcome to meh Journal. Literacy is only upholded some of the time because I type fast and I'm lazy but Oh well. Lemme start out with introducing myself in ways my little "about section" couldn't handle. My name is Melody:3. As you may be able to tell that right theres a link to meh facebook. You don't gotta click it and I don't wanna be commented bout some b***h lecturing me on random people knowing my info. -_-
How do you think I got 700 or so friends guys, I'm me I'm not that popular.... ._.
About half are people I really know and the other are people I do not know or people I know from facebook and some from Gaia.Anywhoozle My middle name(s) are Elizabeth and Eileen, So when my initials are all spelled out it says MEEW like when a baby kitten is tryin to meowx3
I'm 15 but people are always telling me I seem older than I am. Not noobs tryin to get in my pants on gaia but actual people. You know when your shopping with your mom and someone she knows comes up and they know you but you don't know them...and they're all "Oh, you're soo mature You could so pass for seventeen" Yeah those are always half lie half truth but still.
To be fair I am mature I can admit that, but I'm real skinny and short so I don't exactly look the part even for my real age. Not my fault per say, the height part runs in the family my grandmas short and so is my mom. So does the weight issue..runs in the family that is. The women of my family have very fast metabolisms that slow down when they're older. That's how my grandmother was she would always tell me stories about how she thought she could eat anything and never gain weight and that's how I feel now.It's a big place of insecurity for me among other things but let's only dwell on the positive for now since I barely know ya.
If you bothered to click the link you would be able to tell I'm from Georgia. Typical southern girl, except for the horse riding and tanning is hard too but I don't care for northerners and I love me some country music biggrin
Seriously though they talk soo fast..and always think it's hot. It's november now and this lady was in front of me in line in the grocery store..So I'm just standin there with my m&ms,bottle of coke and crappy prepaid cellphone minutes card and she's got her double wide cart filled to the top with everything in the store. Yeah there were self checkouts in the store but they were all in use..I wasn't gonna say anything about it but If she had been from around here she woulda let me go infront of her>.>
I know she wasn't too because as soon as she got to the cashier she started talkin like this; " Oh,Hello Yes I have my credit card.This is a beautiful place I'm just passing through on my way back home in Ohio.My name? It's Amber-Jean..my friends call me Jamberleen though..
You'll just go ahead and call me Amber-Jean...sure if you want." Almost no contractions and her voice was so...clear I dunno if that's even the word for it but it was real wierd.It was cold in the store too even colder there in front of the cashier than in produce but Amber-Jean loosened her collar and said; "Hehuhuh,...It's so hot down here with the country folk" that country folk line got her about 10 glares....9 were from me.
But I digress.Like most girls whether from the south or anywhere else have had my past relationships...not all of em were bad but I've had enough "lessons" to know how to smell bullshit from a mile away.
I remember when I was a noob and I was such a whore. No kidding I so was, it was like "Oh this guys 18 yeah I'm so 18 too...We can ******** now totes" Seriously I was that mediocre looking noobish girl in towns getting with all the noob and none noob guys. And I had the whole slave and mistress thing under my belt too. I used to be innocent in alot of ways shy girl in elementary naive to just about everything. Then when I got to middle everything pretty much changed. I'm still like that still nice just not as dense....Still dense but it faded some.
I'm not a whore anymore, contrary to popular belief. Ever since I fell in love with the man I'm with now that part of me just couldn't resurface even If I wanted it to.
I've got brown hair...You could call it brown but that'll always be the wrong kind of statment..whether under or over I'm not sure. See, when I was born my hair was naturally a light brownish blonde. Then with alot of dying when I was little....dark brown..brown...auburn...then in 5th grade I died it black. Wasn't ever goth or anything just thought it'de look good and it did:3. I look damn sexy with black hair. I did go through an emo phase in 6th grade though..It was because I was truly going through a dark time in my life...I got over it though.
It was fading anyway and I thought it was time for a change so I died my hair back to brown in 7th grade. Then just recently I died it auburn which would mean my hair got signifigantly lighter in early to mid 9th grade.
My skins nice rarely blemishes but I'm alabaster pale white so.....Well i shouldn't have to finish that for you to know why I'de be occasionally persecuted because of it. Not sure persecuted is the right word. Made fun of is better. The one thing I get complimented on the most though are my eyes...They are blue and sometimes change into greenish depending on my mood.
Writing is my passion, English my best subject. I don't care what it takes when I get older I will be a best selling author. That's always been the plan become a world famous author, have six kids the first one a girl named Bella (Not because of Twilight you judgmental f**),and marry the hottest mixture of Eli Goldsworthy(A.K.A. Munro Chambers) and James Stark (No A.K.A. there wasn't a movie made yet) I can find.
I've written books since I was little I have no problem with that. That's kinda why I like rping it's like a book that you're in and you make it up as you go along...Though the best ones are the ones you're so invested in that you end up thinking forward to the very end of the story.Maybe this is how it is nowhere near trouble for me to just keep typing away here. It's a gift and...Well I know that expression but my writer's prowess is nowhere near a curse.
Oh, Oh I shoulda said this in the first paragraph. I'm Melody (I did say that..) and I've been on gaia for 3 years now since August 29th 2009 10:00am-ish. I get hacked alot though so now it's only 60 days or so on this account. My old names were "melody477" "IImelody477II" & "x-Melody-x-Sapphire-x".Even if I was still as well off as I was on my last account I would still want cold its just a regular human emotion greed.
The name Janilyne came from a lot of places if you were wondering. Originally the official very first book I ever wrote...the main charecter was a girl named Janilynn Oceania-Chattahoochee. On another site called IMVU my screen name is Janilyne so that's technically where the actual spelling name came from.It's unique and alot of bitches have no idea how to spell it so I'll demonstrate:
either one really.

Well I must bid you adieu friends. I learned that word today in lit and I knew it and most of the others ever since I was 3...
Anyway toodles
Love Jani♥

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