I Really Didnt Want To Write About This (The Reason Why I Didnt Write Anything Yesterday) But Whatever. If You've Been Reading These Entries Since The Beginning Then You Would Probably Understand This Story Well. Once Again One Of My Bestfriends Likes The Same Girl As Me. Ughhhh I Dont Even Know What To Do Anymore. Not Sure If I Should Just Give Up On This Horrible Life I Live In Or To Just Go On. I Know If I Go On, Im Just Gonna Keep Getting Hurt. Uggghhh Im So Lost. Another Thing That f*cked Up My Day Was The Fact That My Friend Said That The Other Guy Would Have A Better Chance Of Getting With The Girl I Love. Only Cause There Both Puerto Rican. Well Just f*cked Up My Day. Well I Guess Thats The Story I Guess Ill Just Update You People That Are Reading This On What Happens From Here. Im Just Gonna Rest For A While. Sorry If I Dont Write Anything Tomorrow (Probably Because The Girl I Love Didnt Chose Me) I Still Dont Know Her Answer But If She Picks Him Ill Probably Be Sleeping In My Own Tears For The Next Week. Once Again Im Sorry If I Dont Write Anything.