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Girl Feelings ♥
Just expressing myself without hesitation.
That Mermaid Feeling
For our PE class, we had SWIMMING xd rofl I emotion_bigheart swimming! emotion_c8

I just love the feeling of diving in and getting deep into the pool and you just hold your breath for so long that you wish you could just stay longer in the water. Oh, how I had fins. This is all my friend's fault for showing me mermaid videos from YouTube! I WANT A BLUE AND PURPLE MERMAID FIN! dramallama

I was just swimming about and for the first time I got complimented by my classmates ^^ wow! The first time in like 4 years I got complimented in something I can do. (I ain't the most popular but being noticed even for a bit makes you smile ^^)
But I keep saying I'm not because I'm shy and I'm used to being criticized.

Today, I walked from school to my house. It took me an hour. gonk I'm soooo tired. I was so scared that some guys kept following me, one scared me, and some kids were begging and would get ad if you don't give anything.
The reason for me walking, NO JEEPNEYS WERE AVAILABLE! tskkkk. stressed

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  • User Comments: [7]
    That's awesome! I bet you're a really good swimmer! mrgreen I actually just started learning to swim last Summer. sweatdrop I'm not really good yet, but I love it and can't wait for the weather to warm up next Spring! whee

    That long walk home must've been really scary! I know I would be. sad *HUGS* heart

    comment pandaluver11 · Community Member · Tue Nov 27, 2012 @ 04:07pm
    Spring? How wonderful would that be (: I've always wanted to see that!

    Oww swimming is great! Just don't get scared of the deep. ^^ My friends are terrified of it =.=" I'm teaching them like how you teach a baby how to swim hahaha ^^

    Scary but the bright side was I finally got some exercise! whoooo! lost some pounds ^_________^ hahahaha

    comment candyronniexx · Community Member · Wed Nov 28, 2012 @ 11:20am
    Yeah, I'm like that too. XD I get scared by the smallest things. But I'm afraid of drowning for a good reason. Back when I lived near the beach sometimes we would go play out in the ocean when the waves were really big and I would get knocked under the water and almost drown out there. sweatdrop So yeah... I'm just a little afraid...

    Yay! That's great! mrgreen My weight goes up and down, but it's at a decent weight so I deal with it. dramallama

    comment pandaluver11 · Community Member · Wed Nov 28, 2012 @ 01:45pm
    I get afraid too ^^ Really? Huge waves? wow! Ive never swam in a sea with huge waves =.=" Yes, that must be scary to get tumbled down by a wave. hahaha This is making me want to go to the beach!!! ^^ I seriously need a bit of a tan. I'm like one of the whitest girls here xd

    comment candyronniexx · Community Member · Wed Nov 28, 2012 @ 02:13pm
    Lol now I wanna go too! XD I've actually been to three beaches. One with the Pacific Ocean(the one I lived near) , one with the Atlantic Ocean, and one with the Gulf of Mexico! mrgreen I didn't get to the last two until after I moved though.

    Yeah, they were huge! Sometimes they'd be so big my parents wouldn't let me and my siblings go play in the ocean. XD There was plenty of sand to keep us happy anyway. wink

    comment pandaluver11 · Community Member · Wed Nov 28, 2012 @ 02:26pm
    That sounded so cool! Wow! Does that mean you've been to Mexico? ^^ Do you like swimming in lakes or rivers?

    Awwe ^^ I love watching people play in the sand. ^^ Oh, search Boracay. Its one of the beaches in the Philippines and they make awesome sand castles.

    So its like you can practically surf in them right? ^^

    comment candyronniexx · Community Member · Wed Nov 28, 2012 @ 02:34pm
    No, I wasn't quite to Mexico, but I've been pretty close many times. XD Anyways, we were visiting New Orleans(that's in the state of Louisiana) and decided to go to a nearby beachy area and put our feet in the water. XD I got all wet because I was jumping around and splashing in it. xp Oopsy~
    As for your other question, I can't swim yet so I so neither, and I've honestly always preferred a pool or an ocean, but I think lakes would be my third pick. smile

    Ohh okay I will! biggrin *Searches* ...OHMYGOSH THOSE ARE HUUUUGE AND SOOO COOL!! eek Oh my GOSH you guys are like pro sand castle makers!! I've only ever been able to make a little mountain and pretend it was a castle! xd

    Yeah, a lot of the times when we went there when the waves were big there were lots of surfers out in them. :3 Sometimes we'd get there and they'd be having a surfing competition right on the beach! And not a small one, they were really big and crowded!

    comment pandaluver11 · Community Member · Wed Nov 28, 2012 @ 03:11pm
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