User ImageName: Lloyd Val
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Weapon(s): Split Chakram, 9mm Semi-auto
Bio: Lloyd has always been a normal guy. Going through life like it was a true adventure but being careful enough not to jeopardize his potential future. He had been attending college for international studies with a focus on India, more specifically the Mahabharata. There has always been a fascination with him and ancient eastern culture. He was raised by his father and mother, who he happened to be with at the time of the collapse of society. His father was a self-trained gun nut and taught everything he knew to Lloyd, while his mother was a computer expert and constantly kept Lloyd surrounded by technology. Shortly after the tragedy in New York, Lloyd and his parents began moving about the country, making due with what they could find until his parents were trapped within the vehicle they were using and were overtaken. Lloyd, knowing he could do little to nothing, grabbed a gun that had been thrown from the vehicle and his Chakrams and ran. He is very self-sufficient and will usually go off by himself rather than stay by others, although he does have enough compassion to stay close by in case he is needed.
Username: Ones True Lament