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my stories and characters i make up
just stories i write. comment if you like.
I'm Seeing Double the Fun Part 4
”By the looks of it, I’m going to say the Tomatoes won the battle, you just defeated the war.” Sky had looked around the kitchen and chuckled, ”With a battlefield that you’ll need back up to clean.” Caleb did the usual, which was him blushing, he did that all the time when it came to Sky, but Sky had seen him do it to Devin as well; the boy was very shy. It would be Caleb who put it upon himself to make sure he took some of the blame, and also to let it be known it was not his idea, Sky was sure he would have said that even if Sky hadn’t pointed it out. His hazel eyes had watched the noodles cooking in the pot,

Sky glanced towards Devin and shrugged his shoulders, ”So does a squirrel, cute and innocent, until it bites your eyes out and stores them as nuts.” Sky watched Devin, showing no emotionally feelings towards affection that Sky might offer him. That twin no doubt would be the perfect ******** buddy, not caring whether or not he ever saw that person again. But to be fair, Sky didn’t show either of them special attention either, if one doesn’t’ express their feelings, things get complicated, but then again what isn’t complicated anymore? One wouldn’t think that twins would spend their time making out, or rubbing each other hard. ”That will do, I will wait until Christmas to give you both your presents as well.”

Chuckling, Sky simply shrugged, ”I have nothing to hide, and the room isn’t really mine, so I don’t care, it was a lovely gift and I hope you like the one I have chosen for you.” When they said that they would like to go, Sky nodded his head, ”Great, I was going to go whether you decided to join me or not.” Sky laughed, and nodded his head when Caleb said he wasn’t burnt, it smelt too good to be burnt anyway. With a yawn, looking away from the food of course, Sky waited no knowing who was going first. But right as the thought crossed his mind, Devin told him to get food. Sky nodded his head, grabbing a plate, a heap load of noodles first, followed by the sauce and meatballs, lastly cheese. Added peppers to make the meal complete, then moved to the table, and waited for the twins; but the twins were talking which Sky could hear.

Sky heard that Caleb was staring; it was obvious that they were talking about him. Staying quiet, he listened more, about how he would find out, Caleb didn’t want to tell Sky because it would make things awkward. That Caleb was to nice, but everyone already knew that. That if Caleb didn’t tell Sky it would be more awkward, it wasn’t, sense this was how they found out. Soon enough they were getting food and sitting down with him. After listening to them praises themselves, Sky took a bite; they really did well. The flavors were wonderful, intense, and vibrant. ”It was really good, now…so I heard Caleb, you can’t stop staring at me, and if you don’t tell me you like me things can get awkward.” Sky only smirked, he was so forward, and honest; but he took another bite of his food and waiting for a reply.

Caleb took a few bites of his food and when he heard Sky, he suddenly choked and started to cough. his face went beat red and he looked to see Sky smirking. His heart started to race and he looked at Devin who was also smirking and had the 'I told you' look on his face. He looked back at Sky and wiggled some, "ahhh....ahhhh....I...I..I...well....ahh.." he stuttered trying to get what he wanted to get out but was having a hard time. he fiddled with his shirt some and felt his heart race more and his breathing pick up. Devin kicked Caleb some in the leg making him jump and glare at Devin who just smirked and hummed. he then looked back at Sky, "I...I didn't want....to...because....crushes...can ruin..... friendships.... a-a-and I... d-d-didn't....want to....ruin.... ours..... thanks...t-t-to me...having a crush....on y-y-you" he said and blushed even more and fiddled with his s**t more and gulped. Though now it was Devin's turn. if he was being honest so was he.

Caleb smiled and took a few deep breaths and took a sip of his drink, "though Devin hasn't been telling you everything either. you didn't hear all of the conversation. you missed Devin's part about you" he said looking at his brother a small smirk on his face. it was Devin's turn to choke and looked at Caleb and gave him a look and Caleb just looked away and smiled. Devin mentally cussed since he had been trying to hide it to keep Caleb happy and the little s**t turns on him. he blushes and then takes a sip of his water. ******** this was truth or dare all over again! he was forced into truth and now had to answer since if he didn't Caleb would be up his a** and with him bringing it up Sky will do all his power to get it out of him. he was ******** either way. stay cool just stay cool you can do this. set an example for Caleb. yeah that's it. but when he looked at Sky he blushed a bit more and blinked some. ********! how did the do it! they had so much in common and yet it was Sky to turned him to much and not the other way around!

it was his turn to Gulp and then unlike Mr. stutter he just figured he'd come out with it, "I have a crush on you to. my reason for not saying anything because I wanted to see Caleb happy.." Caleb blinked some and laughed, "you got to stop doing that Devin if you like someone that i do and you two have more in common then you should say something. you two would get a long a lot more. duh..." he said and smiled. Devin blinked and sighed, "yeah yeah yeah..." he said blushing and rolling his eyes this time playing the roll of Caleb in these sort of things. Caleb smiled and crossed his arms pretty pleased with himself and hummed before he started to eat as he waited to see what sky had to say. he watched him some threw his hair and grew nervous. what if he didn't like either of them. he could live if he didn't like him back but he wanted to see Devin happy more then Devin wanted to see him.


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