I do have a list of in character interests for Eunica and it keeps growing, so this is mostly for my sake as well. XD This might help you guys trying to woo her too.

Beer: Blue Moon and Iron City are her preferred brands, but she's up for trying new things. During Prohibition, she was incredibly lucky that none of her Moonshine had anything bad in it. She will not drink too frequently, nowadays, because she feels that it's different drinking when you're legally allowed to and she feels a bit sick about what was could have been in her Moonshine.

Food: Eunica comes from a time, where women were expected to care for the family. Cooking is one of her strongest points, but she never will admit to cooking things herself. In the 20s, she let her sister take credit, and in 2012, she says it was all frozen.

That being said, Eunica has an appreciation for homecooked meals. Her all time favorite food is steak. It was really a treat to have, when she was a girl.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald--owned a First Edition copy, in 1925
Inimitable Jeeves by PG Wodehouse--she likes any Jeeves story.

The Sheik (1921)
The Son of the Sheik(1921)
Sacco e Venzetti (1971)

Eunica's only starting to watch more movies, now that movies are more accessible.

TV Shows:
Due to Eunica never owning a TV as a girl, she only has seen bits a pieces of each show--just enough to have a first impression.

Twin Peaks


Only one actor really caught Eunica's attention and it's one of those stories that ends up with embarassment, because of how she was among the hysterical girls crying at the death of Rudolph Valentino.

More to come as I think of/remember them.