I am an otaku. 3nodding

Basically, "otaku" is a Japanese term that kind of means someone who has an unhealthy or extreme addiction.

In my case, I'm an anime and manga otaku.

I spend my weekends watching anime, and my weekdays reading manga. I love them both.

I read mangas to get used to idioms and phrases used in Japan.

I watch anime to get used to hearing and understanding the language. It works. It's inefficient, but it works.

I can understand a lot of Japanese used in anime. I'm, sadly, not fluent in the language, but I am to be once I escape the current schooling curriculum.

In Canada, students are expected to know French and English, seeing as those are the official languages of Canada.

Many English words derived from French words anyway, so it's not that hard, to be honest. I can understand writing, but I can't write myself. I sometimes can understand actual speech, but I also don't speak French.

I understand conjugations, and sentence structure, and all that. I just don't know enough vocabulary, and I also can't manage a French accent. If you ever hear me speak French.. man, I would be butchering it.

I really like Japanese things. I mean, although Asian, I can't relate to everything in Japan. But hey, that's why it strikes me as interesting and new.

I have not at all got into kanji.

I like how Japan is so complex. It's like a 377,923.1 km2 area of condensed awesome.

Well, anyways, I'll talk about this later. I've got homework to do... and lots of it at that!

Thanks for reading, and goodnight if it's night!