There are 360 questions, and there should be at least 360 answers. Reason why I did this? I felt bored to be quite honest. Also friends can change over a small period so it would be nice to see what some people would say compared to the old answers. Anyways enjoy these questions;

40 Basic things:

1.) Your name?
2.) Your age?
3.) Your height?
4.) Your favorite color?
5.) Your Hair color?
6.) Eye color?
7.) Skin color?
8.) Type/Genre of music you listen to?
9.) Favorite band/group?
10.) Type/Genre of movie?
11.) Your Personality?
12.) Your birth date?
13.) Zodiac sign?
14.) Chinese zodiac sign?
15.) What's your one talent that you excel in?
16.) If you could introduce me to your friend who would it be and why?
17.) Where do you always shop at?
18.) Favorite book/television show/game?
19.) Favorite class in school?
20.) Least favorite class in school?
21.) Who is your role model?
22.) What do you wish to be when you grow up?
23.) How do you think you can change the world?
24.) Have you won any awards?
25.) What are you considered as (labels)?
26.) How do you feel about society?
27.) If you could visit a place, where would it be and why?
28.) How many languages do you know?
29.) Nicknames received so far?
30.) How do you feel about yourself?
31.) Where were you born?
32.) Where do you live?
33.) What is the first movie you saw?
34.) What was the last movie you saw?
35.) What was the first candy you ate?
36.) Can you describe the world in seven or less words?
37.) Who is the one person in your family you can connect most to?
38.) Who can you easily rely on?
39.) What would you do if you had a million dollars?
40.) What do you consider a good deed?

30 Favorites things:

41.) Favorite number?
42.) Favorite holiday?
43.) Favorite month?
44.) Favorite anime?
45.) Favorite day of the week?
46.) Favorite type of clothing brand?
47.) Favorite movie?
48.) Favorite animal?
49.) Favorite fast food restaurant?
50.) Favorite restaurant?
51.) Favorite phone company?
52.) Favorite gaming console?
53.) Favorite part of your body?
54.) Favorite part of the opposite sex body?
55.) Favorite cereal?
56.) Favorite song (and by whom)?
57.) Favorite type of dance?
58.) Favorite celebrity?
59.) Favorite store?
60.) Favorite drink?
61.) Favorite country?
62.) Favorite city?
63.) Favorite historical person?
64.) Favorite movie director?
65.) Favorite actor?
66.) Favorite saying?
67.) Favorite fruit?
68.) Favorite memory?
69.) Favorite sex position?
70.) Favorite ex?

10 gamer questions:

71.) What was the first game you played?
72.) What is one game that changed your view on life?
73.) What is one game you absolutely hated?
74.) What is your favorite Easter egg?
75.) Who is your favorite gaming male?
76.) Who is your favorite gaming female?
77.) If you could be a videogame character, what would be your name, and what would be your power (please add some backstory.)?
78.) Who would win in a fight; Leon Kennedy or Chris Redfield?
79.) Who would win in a fight; Banjo and Kazooie or Jak and Daxter?
80.) Who would win in a fight; Link or Cloud?

Now that I know you a little better... 40 more questions that are a little personal:

81.) Sexual preference?
82.) Are you in a relationship? (If so who is s/he?)
83.) Longest relationship?
84.) Shortest relationship?
85.) Worse thing you have done to an ex?
86.) Worse thing an ex has done to you?
87.) The worse thing you've done to an enemy?
88.) The worse thing you've done to a friend?
89.) Worse thing a friend has done to you?
90.) Worse thing an enemy has done to you?
91.) Something you regret?
92.) Common things you lie about?
93.) Something you do every day?
94.) Something you can't live without?
95.) Ever got expelled or suspended from school?
96.) Have you ever pressured anyone to do something?
97.) You wake up in the middle of the night, why?
98.) Are you a lucid dreamer?
99.) Worse nightmare?
100.) Best dream?
101.) Name any exes you have over your life period?
102.) Something you adore about yourself?
103.) Something you despise about yourself?
104.) Who is your childhood friend?
105.) Who was your first crush?
106.) What was your first insult?
107.) What was the first school you went to?
108.) Do you have any beliefs (religion or scientific)?
109.) Who is your arch nemesis?
110.) What do you hate being called?
111.) Do you think you could write a book?
112.) What affect do books have on you?
113.) What affect does the media have on you?
114.) If you could vote, who would you vote for?
115.) How do you think you can easily resolve a conflict?
116.) How much money do you spend/save on a regular basic?
117.) What was your favorite book as a child and why?
118.) Does age really mean you gain experience, why do you believe so?
119.) Do you often catch yourself drifting from reality, if so list the reason why?
120.) What is a card game that you know how to play by heart.

What would you do... 20 questions:

121.) What would you do if time had stopped?
122.) What would you do if you knew tomorrow was your last day?
123.) What would you do if a loved one died?
124.) What would you do if a friend is in trouble, and it is a constant problem?
125.) What would you do if you were on a date with a famous person?
126.) What would you do if everything you knew was a lie?
127.) What would you do if someone kidnapped your closest friend in the entire world?
128.) What would you do if a zombie apocalypse was soon to come?
129.) What would you do if you were a ghost?
130.) What would you do if best friend betrayed you to help the enemy?
131.) What would you do if you were home alone for an entire week?
132.) What would you do if no matter how hard you tried it wouldn’t matter?
133.) What would you do if everything worked backwards?
134.) What would you do if you were sent to prison?
135.) What would you do if you were going to be executed?
136.) What would you do if you transformed into an animal?
137.) What would you do if you were in a recurring memory?
138.) What would you do if you only had one chance to prove you worth to the world?
139.) What would you do if your boy/girlfriend cheated on you with your best friend?
140.) What would you do if all your friends left you?

One thing or another, 10 questions:

141.) Would you rather have love or trust?
142.) Would you rather be hated or live knowing no one cares that you are alive?
143.) Would you rather have domestic violence relationship or not being able to know what love is?
144.) Would you rather be a prostitute or not be able to have sex at all?
145.) Would you rather be a female who knows nothing or a man who cannot learn more than what he is taught by a woman?
146.) Would you rather have a three way intercourse with a llama and an alpaca or a hamster and a guinea pigs?
147.) Would you rather know that your dad molested you at the age of four or your that mother will molest you tomorrow morning?
148.) Would you rather tell me to kill myself or be my friend?
149.) Would you rather tell me that one day I will grow up to be a nobody or actually hear what I say?
150.) Would you rather tell me that this doesn’t matter or that I matter?

Let's get in between personal and basic 30 questions:

151.) What do you wish for?
152.) If you could kill one person who would it be?
153.) Ever been obsess?
154.) Ever broke a heart?
155.) Ever got your heart broken?
156.) Do you judge, or do you speculate?(other words are you quick to attack a flaw)
157.) Your up really late, why?
158.) Your alone in your house what’s the first thing you do?
159.) You’re at a dance and the person you like is being flirted by another guy/girl what do you do?
160.) Best pick up line?
161.) Worse pick up line?
162.) What do you think love is?
163.) If you could teach anything what would it be?
164.) Something you cried about and cannot forget?
165.) Ever gone through a depression?
166.) Ever did anything out of anger?
167.) What’s the worse threat you've said/done?
168.) Something you do that people think is weird/different/unique?
169.) Most random thing you've done so far?
170.) If you like someone how do you catch their attention?
171.) What would you be if you lived in medieval times?
172.) You are able to create an invention, what is this invention and what does it do?
173.) If you would set a world record what would it be?
174.) Have you ever fell in love before, if so how did it feel for the first time?
175.) What is a flaw you have?
176.) The last person you have talked to on the phone?
177.) If you could start a band, what would be your theme, and the name of the band?
178.) Most embarrassing moment in your life?
179.) What are the stereotypes that exist for your gender?
180.) What are the stereotypes that exist for the opposite sex?
181.) What is the feeling of love?
182.) Are you afraid to take a risk for what you believe in?
183.) In the end we will all die, why should we keep on trying?
184.) If you were god what would you name this planet?
185.) If you were god how would you control this world?
186.) If you were god what would you name our solar system?
187.) Do you watch news on the television?
188.) Do you support abortion?
189.) Do you believe in gay rights?
190.) Are you happy to know that you are over way done with these questions?

Tell me what is the meaning to… 5 questions:

191.) What is the meaning to be love, and to give love?
192.) What is the meaning to fight in what we believe in?
193.) What is the meaning to what is right and what is wrong?
194.) What is the meaning to be the “perfect” person?
195.) What is the meaning to giving up, but not knowing when to give up?

Let me get to know you better... 25 questions:

196.) First song you sang?
197.) First fail you experienced in life?
198.) What is your long time goal?
199.) What is your short time goal?
200.) What word do you hate the most?
201.) What word do you use very often?
202.) What is the name of your first true friend(please give me a short summarry of that friend)?
203.) Who was your last crush?
204.) Do you have a crush on someone, if so what is thier name?
205.) If all fails, what is your last resort in trying to fix a problem?
206.) What is something you will never ever do in your life?
207.) When was the first time you blushed, and why?
208.) How did you first kiss feel like?
209.) What is a common emotion you always feel?
210.) What are you always complemented on?
211.) What would make you happy for the rest of your life?
212.) How do you feel about reality?
213.) If given a chance to change something, what would it be and why?
214.) Is anything really possible?
215.) What are three things you've done to impact someone's life?
216.) Tell me what you can do to stand out from the crowd?
217.) If someone pushes you down continuously, what will you do?
218.) When you are on a date, do you think a man should pay or should the woman pay?
219.) Do you sing karaoke?
220.) Do you like musicals?

A little more personal questions, 30 questions:

221.) How far have you gone with a guy or girl?
222.) Ever broke a law?
223.) Ever committed a sin?
224.) Ever lost your sanity?
225.) Your friend admits s/he likes the same person as you do, what do you say or what do you do?
226.) You catch someone stealing or beating on your friend you do what?
227.) There is a fork on the road, what path do you take and why?
228.) You find treasure, what do you do with it?
229.) What's one thing you can't stand seeing?
230.) If you can describe yourself in one word what would it be?
231.) If you could describe yourself in one sentence what would it be?
232.) If you could describe yourself in one paragraph what would it be?
233.) What state do you live in?
234.) What city do you live in?
235.) What is your origin?
236.) Which word describe you: strong or wise?
237.) Which word describe you: leader or follower?
238.) Which word describe you: black sheep or clone?
239.) Which word describe you: party animal or bookworm?
240.) Which word describe you: cunning or loyal?
241.) Have you had a sex life?
242.) What do you consider a virgin?
243.) Does life have any meaning to you?
244.) Have you ever reached you "breaking" point?
245.) Do you believe love at first sight?
246.) Have you ever tried drugs (if so list all of them)?
247.) What do you think sex is really about?
248.) Is there a thought you always think about?
249.) If you could be half animal (neko for example) what would you be?
250.) How do you feel about love?

10 questions about relationships:

251.) How long will you wait for your partner to show up?
252.) What was the best date you had in your entire life?
253.) What was the worst date you had in your entire life?
254.) What is your dream date?
255.) What is one thing your partner can do to always cheer you up?
256.) Do you like the “tag” the couple give each other (such as hunny, dearest, or even baby)?
257.) Do you believe in kissing on the first date?
258.) Do you like to take it slow in a relationship?
259.) Are you romantic?
260.) What do you think about cuddling?

So I believe we trust each other now.. 20 extremely personal questions:

261.) What turns you on?
262.) What is the most erotic thing a partner can do?
263.) What places will get you into the mood if they; bite, sucked, licked, ect.
264.) What is a dirty secret you have?
265.) What would you do to set the mood?
266.) What is your purpose in your life?
267.) What are the sins you have committed in the seven deadly sins?
268.) Has the thought of killing someone ever crossed your mind?
269.) Have you tried to end your own life, and why?
270.) Some say that you will end like you parents, do you believe that is true?
271.) Do you own any sexy underwear, if so what kind?
272.) Have you or would you ever do a one night stand, why or why not?
273.) What is your favorite foreplay activity?
274.) Have you lost your virginity, if so what age?
275.) Have you ever been involved in a threesome, if not would you ever do it in the future?
276.) Have you ever cut your wrist?
277.) Do you hate everything that moves?
278.) If you could, would you end everyone’s life around you?
279.) They say we tend to fall in love with the different versions of the same person, is that true for you and how so?
280.) The world is crumbling down and your only allowed to save 7 people, who are they, what are their names, where did you meet them, when do you think you guys can settle down, why are they so valuable to you, and how can you guys make mankind come back?

So about me... 40 questions:

281.) Can you describe me in one word?
282.) How long have we known each other?
283.) Can you name the first day we meet each other?
284.) Can you name one (or more) thing(/s) I've helped you in?
285.) Someone said they can trust me with their life, would you trust me with your life?
286.) What will you do if I meet you in real life?
287.) What would you do if you meet me in a super market?
288.) What would you do if you and I were home alone?
289.) What would you do if you found me stranded alone in a park?
290.) What would you do if you found me in your bed?
291.) I have my super big headphones, what/who am I listening to?
292.) Weirdest thing I've done to you?
293.) If I say I will do something, will I do it?
294.) I just bit your cheek, what would you do and why do you think I bit your cheek?
295.) I'm tired and cuddling up to something, what would that most likely be?
296.) What animal do you know me as?
297.) Is there an animal you want me to be?
298.) I'm bleeding horribly and walking just fine, what happened?
299.) If I kissed you, what would be your reaction?
300.) If you could see me cosplay as something what would it be? (Send cosplay link if you wish. )
301.) If we were alone, and cuddling in a bed, how would you feel?
302.) If you saw me crying what would you do?
303.) What was your first impression of me?
304.) Do you truly believe I am a loving person?
305.) If I left your life, without telling you a word, how would you feel?
306.) If death came to get me, and slowly I was dying, how would you make every second last?
307.) What would be your reaction if I told you I loved you (face to face)?
308.) What is one thing you wish for me to stop?
309.) If I asked you out; what would you say, what would be your reaction, and what would you do?
310.) If I asked you to marry me; what would you say, what would be your reaction, and what would you do?
311.) I wonder off to much, is that bad?
312.) What is one thing that I do that always makes you smile?
313.) Rawr I am a dinosaur, what is my dinosaur name?
314.) Do you think my advices on relationships are any good?
315.) Do you think I am a great person when it comes down to gift giving?
316.) If I could be a main character from a movie, which movie would I be in?
317.) How do you feel about my writing skills?
318.) If I asked you to dance with me, would you say yes or no, why or why not?
319.) If I was a drug; what affects would I have on you?
320.) Can you please in a brief description; tell me how you feel about me (do not hold any emotions back)?

Let’s talk about us... 10 questions:

321.) If we were married, do you think we would be fit as parents?
322.) If we were in a road trip, what could we do to make the ride more entertaining?
323.) Can you name three reasons why we should not be in a relationship?
324.) Can you name three reasons why we should be in a relationship?
325.) We people look at us what do they think?
326.) When we look at people what do we think?
327.) Who is more of a hardcore gamer, you or me?
328.) Who knows more about Pokémon, you or me?
329.) Who is better in logics, you or me?
330.) Who do you think is more straight forward, you or me?

You and me... Final ... 30 questions:

331.) How did we meet?
332.) When I first spoke to you, what could you tell about me already?
333.) What is one thing you wish we can do together?
334.) What is one thing you wish you could take back that we did together?
335.) If I was your butler for the day, what things would you make me do?
336.) What is my perverted level (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest)?
337.) What is one skill you noticed I have?
338.) What is one unusual skill you notice I have?
339.) What is the nickname we have exchanged (what is the nickname I gave you and the one you gave me)?
340.) If we could make a promise right now what would it be?
341.) If I wanted to do something that you totally disagreed on, would you help me in the end or allow me to do it by myself?
342.) What is one thing you like about me that is physical?
343.) What is one thing you like about me that is emotional?
344.) I am sure we all have seen my dark side at least once, so tell me one reason why you should never be the enemy when I am at that state?
345.) Worse thing I have ever done to you?
346.) Best thing I have ever done to you?
347.) If I grabbed your hand and told you 'Allow me to take you away far away... So it will just be the two of us'; what would you say, do and your reaction?
348.) Sometimes I just wish for life to end for me... Can you name three reasons why I should not die?
349.) If you and I were the last two people living what would we do?
350.) If you and I started a family, how would you feel?
351.) When you look at me, what potential do you see?
352.) If you knew I was going to die, would you tell me or not?
353.) I know I can act stupid at times, but do I make it up in the end?
354.) What is one thing you know I cannot fail in?
355.) If you had to choose between saving your love interest or me, who would you save? If your love interest is me (and I am extremely flatter is it is so), just replace it with a person you care about the most. Explain in depth why you would save who.
356.) You and I are alone in a bed, we can do anything, what would that thing be?
357.) In the time we’ve meet, what is one thing that always allows you to still talk to me?
358.) As you know I am not the happiest guy on the earth, what do you think you could do to make me smile?
359.) If we must fight to the death to get what we want, who will most likely win and why?
360.) Can you describe what you and I were could do if you had all the money in the world to do whatever we want. List every little single detail, such as what places, what we would do, and what actions would be exchanged.