"ANCIENT POWERS!" a young man roared, red energy rushed from his heart to his right hand, a belt buckle with a t-rex head appeared. he thrust it forward "ARISE" fire covered his whole body , a red suit covered with black stripes on his shoulders and calves, his hands looked like fingerless gloves "tryanosaurus rex", his helmet formed it had the details of the t-rex, a black visor head his brown eyes. the young man was the new red ranger of a new team of rangers. he stood his ground as 6 other teenagers ran up behind him "whoa, the hell is that?" a dark skin young man said taking out his cell phone morpher, the red ranger pointed at a massive alien monster "alice your dad is at it again" he said. everyone morphed "ok rye" said the blue ranger. "listen up, lets smash it fast" rye said, they all charged at the alien monster destroying it quickly. rye, the red ranger looked at the pink ranger "you ok, newbi?" he said as they demorphed after hiding. dom, the black ranger punched him "lay off of her rye" he said, the blue ranger lief folded his arms behind his head "I'm still not use to fighting aliens yet." "I'll open the door to the graveyard." rye said heading a button on the wrist device that looked like a pip boy.