Got a particularly stupid email today, trying like hell to keep from responding. No, ma'am, I did not "victimize" you, the person who broke the law by stealing from you did that. I don't know who taught you such a twisted version of the word "victimize" (I suspect a victims advocate) but I assure, it's wrong and your energy is currently being misdirected. If you would take some time to think about your problem then you would realize that, assuming you have common sense and have used it, you're less of a target now and hopefully a lot less naive. Based on where you live currently I'm guessing you're from out of state and bought into the "no crime here" fantasy that somehow gets sold. Be thankful most of your things were covered and the thief was caught and fessed up, many are no where near as lucky as you and rather than spend time worrying about dangers that don't exist, worry about the real threats and address them in a more intelligent, focused manner. I realize you're likely looking for places to vent your anger and frustration, and I present an easy target, but I assure you, I do not care and have little sympathy or compassion for you.