Today i want to talk about safety. The world is becoming crazier and crazier everyday, more and more people are dying over the most ridiculas things. It's crazy out there people. Please wherever you go be safe, watch how people are around you notice the type of person they are. especially walking somewhere by yourself be aware of all of your surroundings because now'a days you don't know what can take place in your life or another. Don't get caught up in anything that you know you shouldn't trust me sooooo many people i kneew have been killed literally murded over something dumb that they could've walked away from. Don't be the next person on the news I know I won't. I live in one of california's most dangerous cities. My city has one of the most counted numbers of killing and deaths in the county, do you know how crazy that is? I have to be alert 24/7 even around people I know aren't involved in anything, but people will do dumb stuff these days so keep in mind to always stay alert no matter where you are God bless and peace be with you all. heart