Fenris Magyar and Aoshi where lead down the massive ballroom, another difference between these vampires and Nocantio's vampires where the way they where dressed, the vampries that Aoshi knew always dressed in heavy 'formal' clothing, suits and or gowns that belonged in a victorian age movie. Clothing that made it near to impossible to move, much less fight. The only ones that didnt have to wear such ridicoulouse clothign where the guards, and the servants, and even the servants had gowns and cloacks that usually required a second person to help get in and out of.
These vampries where wearing clothing the flowed with movement, the gowns simpler and looked more like eastern clothing, gowns that would alow one to fight in any instant, then there where those like their guide, that where dressed in leathers, with weapons strapped to their sides. The music, unlike Nocantio's choice, also flowed, the sound playfull, and up beat, something that made people want to to dance.
The dancers moved in circles, their arms seaming to flow with the wind, their smiles one of joy. Walking down the ballroom, the dancers parted down the middle and danced around the edges until they got to the owner of the deep booming voice.
The male was sitting down in a pile of giant pillows, all in different colors, and very soft. Around him sat both males, and females. Though mostly female, they had trays of fruit and pitchers of drink's in their arms, all seeming inamored with the male sitting at the center. And even though they all sat with him, the male had only one female that he truly seemed to pay attention to, one that sat over his crossed lap and leaned into him a soft smile on her face in her hands a tray with a mixture of fruits. The female fed him, with a true smile, not one of a blood slave, not one of a puppet, a smile filled with life and love. Lifting fruit to his mouth he took bites of it before leaning into her and kissing her lips, he seemed even more enamored with the female, than those sorrounding him seemed to be with him.
"My Lord" the she vamp that had been leading them bowed at the waist getting smile from the male in the middle he dismissed her.
"Fenris Magyar, its about time you visited my friends." the male greated a wide grin on his face, his fangs proving that he was indead a vampire. The male then looked at Aoshi who was standing behind them "And who might you be?" he asked as the female at his lap stood up and grabbed his hand as he too stood up.
Aoshi bowed to the male as Fenris and the vampire hugged in greating patting each others back "This is my newest assistant Aoshi" he said while Magyar and the male greated in the same maner "Let me gues, you saved him from my brothers wrath" the male said, snapping his fingers five other vampires, and surprisingly three Elementals brought over plenty of pillows for them to sit.
Fenris laughed as he and his brother at down "More or less, he asked me to save a loved one from your brother, in exchange I told him he had to work for me, since his loved one was the Hybrid" Fenris replied, the last part said with a secret amusement to it. This ofcourse froze Aoshi, in confusion as he just watched the two.
Noticing this the male vampire smield at Aoshi "Im not surprised that you dont know about me. I am Kaito, Nocantios OLDER brother" the male said surprising Aoshi even more.
Aoshi bowed his head once more "I apologize for not knowing about you " he said in a a formal respective tone.
At this Kaito laughed and waved his hand at Aoshi dismissing both his tone and apology.
"Please, I was banned and dishonored from the 'royal family'" Kaito said no shame in his voice.
"If you ask me, They did me a great favor. I now have, all these guards, and they remain loyal because they want to, not because of who I am. I tell you, i left once hoping they would choose their next leader and let me be. But they hunted me down like an animal and sat me down, saying that I was their King" Kaito said this with a laugh, the males and females around him laughing along, a real laugh. The female that had been sitting on his lap, sat again once Kaito had, leaning into her Kaito kissed her lips, making her smile "Not infront of your guest Love" she said in a soft voice, this made Kaito's smile widen as he tackled her and kissed her deeper making her squeal "My Queen, they do not mind at all. If anything it was Fenris who once said passion such as ours should be shared with the world" Kaito said the wide grin on his face as he kissed the females neck.
At this Aoshi had looked away blushing while both Fenris and Magyar laughed ,"True I did say that, but lets not sacre the children shall we" he said speaking of Aoshi.
"Come now, he'll learn this is much funner than the censored things they do now a days." Kaito said kissing the female's jaw making her giggle" I..I agree with Fenris" she said trying to sit up.
"Tsk, you two are no fun" he said letting her sit up as he wrapped his arms oveer her shoulders, with her back to him.
"Aoshi, do you know who was the one that came up with the Idea to creat Hybrid's as peace treaties?" Fenris asked as Aoshi finaly looked back at them.
"We where told that it was Lord Nocantio, but with this, it leads me to believe that, that was a lie." Aoshi replied.
Fenris and Kaito nodded at this.
"Kaito, was the one who truly came up with the idea, and it was indead meant to keep peace, not for the Hybrid to become weapon." Fenris explained, all the while the female kept feading Kaito fruit.
"I see, but if that is indead the case why did it change so much, with all due respect." Aoshi said.
"Because, I refused to let the Hybrid be treated as a weapon, and with that Nocantio, had claimed that I was plotting against the King, along with the help of the Hybrid. Hearing this the King decided to kill the Hybrid over his own son." Kaito said, as he spoke the female's expression that was on his lap, saddened.
"That Hybrids name was Melinda, and by choosing to save her and flee the royal family, I was forced into hidding" Kaito kept saying tightening his arms on the females shoulder and kissing her jaw "That is until Fenris found us, he then offered us shelter, as long as I agreed to work for him." Kaito added in, at this Fenris smiled.
"'As long as it saves her from that blood sucking bastard of a leech I will give up, my arms, my legs, my eyes my lungs and even my heart'" Fenris quoted with a smile "Such passion then, and still you have that same passion, now." Fenris said making Kaito smile, "And i still feel the same way now after all therse years" Kaito said kissing the females jaw once more "Isnt that right Melinda" he said, making her smile "Even with all the females at your feet, you choose only me" she said with a smile.
Turning back at Fenris Magyar and Aoshi Kaito motioned for some of the females to bring them food "Now tell me my friend, to what do I owe this visit?" he asked as he took a sip of what ever it was that he had in his cup, Aoshis guess was spiced blood.
"For the same reason why you fled the royal family all those centuries back" Fenris said with a smile, causing Kaito to look at Aoshi closer.
"So you have fallen for the current Hybrid have you now" Kaito said with understanding.
"Fine, with what do you wish help?" Kaito asked straight to the point surprising Aoshi once more.
"We were planing on giving your brother a visit, to make sure he is not abusing of the Hybrid" Fenris said a cold smile on his face.