is that I'll get my own little atmosphere to write my first few posts today. I need fifteen to secure my face-claim. now that I've got a new one, I'm starting to feel some changes in the complexity of my character. it's absurd that as a first-year Gryffindor I'm thinking about this so much! but whatevs, not thinking very much about these things is for other people to do.

    but yeah, my gma will be gone helping her sister with something or other, and won't be coming into the room every few minutes to announce something to me. I can't hide out in my room because my wifi is s**t. It's absolutely mind boggling that it will die with every foot away from the router. anyway, I hope I won't get overly ambitious and sign up for many classes. I don't think I will. but what would my character do? medium, about average. as far as a courseload. I think.

    but yeah, first few posts today... Alba and Odette's first meet, in the Library. I'm excited. So is Odette. She's excited but wary, she's had a lot of change in the past while. A lot, certainly, for an eleven year old. She's looking forward, though, to having a family link in Alba. She needs help and the break, from always having to fend for herself. She's a survivalist -- so she'll take anything offered which might increase her chances, and having an older student to shadow in this new magical world will certainly be beneficial. I didn't know that before writing it out, but yeah, she is a survivalist! Now the big question -- can she stop being vigilant and suspicious long enough to enjoy Hogwarts? We'll see.