Note: In case it's not clear below. Androids DO NOT gain power levels by training, and androids like 16,17, and 18 can not gain any extra power unless wished human by the dragon balls.

Note: also reguarding Androids. With the exceptions of 17 and 18, they can absorb another androids power cell to gain some power. This is especially true with android 13.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber
It will DOUBLE the effect of any training done in it.
You may go in there TWO times for the entire RP.(may be overridden by a wish on the dragon balls)
You can only spend 10 posts total there during each visit.(may be over ridden by a wish on the dragon balls)

Power Level Rules
Normal Training

Power level can be increased through training, either on your own or with another player character. You must devote multiple posts to your training regiment and specifically tell me you're training via pm. When your training is complete (a number of posts, actually lapsing in-game time detailing how exactly you're raising your skill), pm me and I will raise your power level by the number below in your profile.
Obviously, since your numbers go up per post, the more time spent training, the stronger you get!
3,000 per post
1/4 and lower blooded Saiyans
15,000 per post
Half-blooded Saiyans
70,000 per post
Full-blooded Saiyans
60,000 per post
65,000 per post
50,000 per post
55,000 per post
Majins & other alien species
75,000 per post

Can not train to increase power unless they make a wish on the dragon balls. In which case they'll be treated as "human."

Intense Training
Sometimes, normal training is not enough- sometimes, one must train under conditions far beyound the saftey of normal training. They must gain strength quickly, and as a result they push thier body to the limit and do the impossible. In short, they undergo intense training.
Intense training functions just like normal training, with power level increase determined by the number of posts you make. However, the key difference in intense training is the severe difficulty. It is determined by your character's power level and ability, and thus what works as intense training for one character may not work for another. As a result all forms of intense training require my approval on a case by case basis. You're free to come up with your own form of intense training, but I must approve it and label it as intense.
10,000 per post
1/4 and lower blooded Saiyans
40,000 per post
Half-Blood Saiyans
160,000 per post
Full-blooded Saiyans
130,000 per post
150,000 per post
70,000 per post
125,000 per post
Majins & other alien species
165,000 per post

Can not train to increase power unless they make a wish on the dragon balls. In which case they'll be treated as "human."

Near Death Injury
All saiyan's gain power boosts after recovering from a near death injury
1/4 and lower blooded Saiyans
Half-Blooded Saiyans
Full-Blooded Saiyans
Cell / Cellina

Demon Blood
(This means SERIOUS battles and is NOT coupled with training, or the "After SERIOUS battle" ability below)
After any battle Demons get +125,000 to their power level.
Demons with Transformations get +125,000 to their power level if in strongest form accessible, any other form they only +25,000 to their power level.
Half Blooded demons get +55,000 to their power level after a battle.
Half Blooded demons with transformations get +55,000 to their power level if in strongest form, any other form they only +15,000 to their power level.

Special Power Increases
for those special abilities and situations

Majin Seal
+500,000 and characters with a power level of less then 1/4 Babidi's power level must obey a direct order from Babidi.
Senzu Bean consumption
Temporary +50,000 (lasts till end of current battle)
Legendary Super Saiyan
Every post Broly gains +500,000 to his power level, which resets when he reverts to SS1 or lower.
Androids 19, 20, 13, 14, and 15
when absorbing energy gains -----TBD----- per post

that absorb another androids power cell gain 2/3's of that androids total power.

After SERIOUS Battle
Winner of battle gets 25,000 to their power levels.
Loser of battle gets 10,000 to their power levels.
If there is no winner or loser and one side or the other simply retreats or you're forced to leave the battle for some reason or another you will gain 15,000 to your power levels.
NOTE: Androids DO NOT gain from this. Unless wished human.

If he/she absorbs a target with a power level of any kind. He gains +2/3'rd's of their total and highest power level. If that is less then 1, then he just gains 1.

NOTE: Okay, I've been getting asked about this a lot and I've been slacking on putting this up. The question I've been hearing a lot is basically "Okay, so I trained, do I increase the power of ALL my forms or just the one's I've trained in?" and the answer is JUST what you train in.
Now if a "weaker form" is going to become more powerful then a "stronger form" example: SS1 being stronger then SS2. Then you are to increase SS2's power level by the "extra" amount. Example: SS1 is 100 in power, and SS2 is 105 in power, and you increase SS1's power by 6, then you would do this. SS1 power 105, SS2 power 106. The 1 extra point is transferred to the stronger form.

To HELP keep track of your training posts you will use these to number them. This also ensure's I can check them and keep track of them.

Type of Training: Normal / Intense
Post: Number of post so far in training.
Training started on page.