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Arcasia's RP Journal
These are some starters/ideas for roleplaying. If you decide to use one of my starters/ideas, please use the entry headline as the subject of the PM. Both girls and guys are welcome, but please be at least semi-lit.
Never Too Late
Never Too Late

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It was the sweetest sound she had ever heard.
"Hey." Riven spoke softly with just the hint of a smile in her tone, trying her best to keep her voice calm and even. Rain fell down around her, the sounds of the storm were the only gentle thing she had felt all day. Normally, Riven loved the sound of rain, the feel of it. Tonight, she barely noticed it through her drenched clothing, her skin growing numb from the chill.
"Oh hey, Riven! What's up? I hear rain...are you outside?" The voice on the other end paused for a moment. "You alright? You sound kinda tired..."
"Tired...? Yeah...yeah, I guess I am." Riven's smile faded a bit as a sharp pain stung at her side, under the hand that pressed painfully against the growing red stain on her uniform. It wasn't a lie, she was exhausted. Her legs trembled with the effort to keep her propped against the door she was leaning on. "I just wanted to call you and..." she was interrupted by a loud 'beep' from her phone, the slowly flashing battery symbol on the screen warning her that the device needed to be charged. "...My phone is about to die. I just wanted to tell you that I'm not going to be able to make it tonight. I'm sorry." She had been on her way to his house. They had been friends for a long time, but a couple years ago Riven had realized that he was more than just a friend to her. Today was supposed to be the day that she told him...
"It's alright. But...are you sure everything's ok? Where are you?" His voice sounded more concerned. Riven didn't say anything for a moment. She couldn't see the street signs from the alley she was in, and so had no idea where she was. I can't tell him that...can't tell him what happened. I just....wanted to hear his voice.
"...No, I'm on my way home." She lied. "I just didn't want you to worry when I didn't show up." Riven had never been a very good liar, but it didn't matter now. Her body had started going into shock, the wound starting to sting less and less. Her phone beeped again, urgently informing her that it was ready to power down. She knew how it felt. Her knees began to give out on her, forcing her to sink to the ground. The wound at her side protested through the shock, and she groaned quietly despite herself.
"Riven?! Stay right there, I'm---" the light on her phone went off, and she continued to hold it to her ear for a moment before letting her hand fall to her side. The phone fell from her hand, still flipped open, and clattered a few inches across the ground before landing face up in the rain. Riven didn't notice, her eyes stared blankly ahead.
Three hours ago, according to the time on her phone before it had died, life was normal. She had gone to school, laughed with her friends, and complained about the amount of homework they had to do over the weekend. Just a normal day, walking home from school, when her world had gone black. She had woken up farther down the alley, the contents of her backpack strewn about, and what looked like a stab wound in her side. It had been a long and painful process to find her phone, which had thankfully found it's way under a dumpster and out of the rain. Then she had tried to get to the street...she hadn't been able to make it far.
Yes...perhaps she should have called the cops; they could have traced her phone, found her, and taken her to the hospital. She should have done the smart thing, but she wasn't thinking right then. All she had cared about was saying goodbye to him...but she hadn't even done that.
I didn't even get to say goodbye... Her thought was numb.
On the street at end of the alley, cars and people passed without so much as a glance in her direction. No one noticed the wounded 15 year old in the bloody high school uniform. In the wake of shock, Riven realized how much of an idiot she had been. She could have called him from a hospital bed and let him know she was alright, instead of from a cold wet alley to say goodbye. But she was so tired...her eyelids were heavy, too heavy to keep open much longer. Could, shoulda, woulda...but she didn't, and hindsight wasn't going to help her now. Her body slumped defeatly against the door. Help...

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