So first off, I'd like to apologize about not posting last night. I had too much fun going to a hookah bar that right when i came home, I passed out sad But to cover both yesterday and today I shall in this entry! So not much actually happened yesterday that's just SO worth talking about. I did learn that one of my biggest peeves is when you're having a conversation (for a long period of time) and the other person just either ignores you when you reply through text. I understand if you are busy, but it takes 3 seconds to say "ill talk to you later" or something. But whatever talk2hand Today was an amazing day though! I finally reached 1 million gaia gold! All my previously locked items are no longer, so I plan to sell them as soon as my store empties out! I also found an amazing artists to do my first piece of avatar art! I'll link her profile down below and you can see the art in my signature. Its so adorable! And I've decided to give you guys the song I listened to the most today!

Today's Song: Icona Pop - I Love It
Mai Potato's Profile:

Until Next Time,
Stay illuminated xoxo