Topic: Haters

Okay so everyones a hater, yes you may read this and be like "wtf ? I aint no damn hater" Yes you are. Everyones a hater and everyones a critic. I am, You are, your friends are, your teacher, your mom, your dad, everyone. How many times have you heard someone say some sh*t like " Wtf is she wearing" or something like"....whatever shes ugly anyways" "....f*ck it shes fat" or maybe " He's so ugly" "Lmao he aint even cute anyways. Yeah you get me. Everyone judges and everyone hates on sh*t. sh*t im a f*cking hater! theres a lot of sh*t I hate, but I keep certain things to myself, and I don't go out of my way to comment some hater sh*t or send hate mail cause that's immature and stupid. If I hate you or hate something I DONT GIVE A f*ck ABOUT YOU OR THAT THING, therefor I don't go out of my way to do it. lmfao I just felt like writing something about this cause ive been coming across a lot of haters lately, everywhere, instagram, twitter, in real life. Alright well im out.

Xoxo <3