I haven't been okay lately, I miss how everything used to be, everything that could've gone wrong this year has gone wrong. okay maybe im being a little over dramatic but ******** it its how I feel. I hate when people tell me "oh it'll be okay, don't worry, it could be worse, someone out there has it worse than you" shut the ******** up that s**t. not EVERYTHING turns out okay so how do you know this will ? don't try o guarantee something that youre not sure will happen. telling me its okay doesn't comfort me at all, it gets me even more mad when I know for a fact that its not gonna be okay or it brings my hopes up and then in the end I just come out dissapinted. setting your hopes up and having expectations an ruin you. that's why I don't because that way if something turns out good then you're happy but if it doesn't come out how you want it to due to your hopes and expectations then you come out disappointed. that's why its just better for me not to have any because I have some of the worst luck ever. Another one, don't hit me with that "it could be worse" bullshit. yeah I know t could be worse theres always gonna be someone out there that has it worse than you, but that doesn't mean your problems don't matter? no matter if its a small big or major problem, every problem you come across has some type of impact. I could always be worse and yes theres always gonna be someone who has it worse than you, but everyone has problems. Big or small everyone has problems and they're ******** bitches. I might not make sense and I might have a lot of typos right now but I don't really care I just needed to get that out of my system.. Im done