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    Hanna and I have been plotting for the last several hours. This is so much better than real life. We have our backgrounds fairly drawn out, where Odette fits into Alba's life leading up to Hogwarts thus far, even several possible story-arcs. I feel good about this. Back in the day (like, way back)... I never plotted with anyone. I just jumped right into stuff with my Mary-Sue characters. I guess Odette is starting out as a little Mary-Sue-esque, but one can't tell much from just a description. I will give her flaws. She's only eleven though... hahaha. I have no idea how to write from a kid's perspective! Even when I WAS a kid, I wrote everything from what was essentially my own perspective... and I don't really feel like I have an age, mentally speaking. You have to start as a First Year, so... yeah. I'll make her grow, though. I'll make her human. Like me. Hanna and I are actually still sort of tossing around ideas through texting. Less quick than IMs, but it's all we've got atm. I don't have to do this perfectly, right? After all, I'm just coming out of retirement as a writer anyway. There's a lot to keep up with already, oy. I'll get better. I feel drained though, but wonderful. I'm very lucky to have Hanna and help with this whole thing.