Every second that passes, another life becomes my own.
Memories that belong to complete strangers stitch into my own mix.
Pain racks their bodies, as they slowly are drained from themselves.
Their essence, their energy, their very being is drawn into me.

"Come with me," I say. "Join me, fore I am perfection in the making."
They run in terror, they refuse with all their heart to give their will to me.
"Come with me...it is your destiny."

They run, I chase. I am a hunter, it's what I do.
Stronger and stronger until I reached the goal that was set before me.
Collect that which would make me perfection.
Little did I know of what lies that filled my head.

I continued to strike fear into their hearts but It was all in vain.
The rage of a child, I had learned that day, was a force to be reckoned with.
Every emotion that a child feels is pure, this purity is impossible to beat when carved into the power of a child who had been handed the frustrating task of saving the world.

Now here I sit, I have long since given up being angry at the child for the mistakes I made. I'm in Hell what bigger mistake could there be.

-----Android 21.