You'll never see the tears that lay hidden inside the stone that makes my heart. The pressure, the heart wrenching pressure that if it were the Earth, those tears could've been diamonds. I sealed my fate when my selfish desire reared at the fear and sorrow in that young boy's eyes. Those horrified false aqua greens as they watched their loved ones being torn to shred's by that desire to fight the proclaimed "horrible" monster that lay with in this frightened youth. Though almost in tears he still stands his ground, he refuses to cry in front of the ones who taught him, nigh.

I was gifted with knowledge a wannabe genius could only dream of possessing. Loved ones? What are those? That term doesn't register. I know of love but I have yet to know why it means so much. If only I had realized it's power before I pushed him too far but by now it was far too late to say sorry. Far too late. Here I sit surrounded by the past evil as I am just as they have, being written into the world's history as another evil soul.

I often wonder, if I had been loved, could I have been just as powerful?